Friday, 30 November 2012

The Z Flaw

Hello chums,
In the end Z didn't show up at the bus stop because he's been getting an earlier bus but I think it's for the best!
See, at present moment, I don't like him. It's not just that I don't fancy him, I genuinely am not too keen on him as a person at this moment in time.
Though I wouldn't call myself fussy, I do have a list of Flaws that I cannot stand in a boy:
1. If he's a wimp.
2. If he's self-obsessed/vain.
3. If he doesn't listen.
4. If he listens to screamo music.
5. If he has The Z Flaw.

The Z Flaw is, funnily enough, Z's major flaw: shallowness. He only goes for thin, pretty/"fitt" and "not serious" girls, and believes that good girls are "frigid" and "boring".
And so, alas, I cannot be fucked to continue trying to be friends with Z.
There's more to a girl than whether she'll have sex with you and if a guy cannot see that then he can just join the line of Knobheads that I know.

This line has grown so long that I've decided to take my mother's advice and just leave boys alone for a while...

Keep you posted when that fails,
Grammar Gal

P.S. Today the lads at my corner shop (a.k.a. my Red Bull dealers) asked me what my plans were for the weekend and when I said "working" they assumed I had a job. So I lied and said I have an interview at "a little bookshop in West Wickham". There are no bookshops in West Wickham. I am a terrible liar but I must keep this up now....
How do I get myself into these situations?!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

White Flag

I cannot do this.
I cannot pursue a boy who is so far out of my league that we're practically on different planets.
It's too cringeworthy.
Instead Z and I shall be friends.
I'm seeing him tomorrow and we've agreed that I'll talk to him in the morning :O
We'll see...

Tonight I saw a play called Spring Awakening and it was beyond weird. At one stage the actor started touching himself while sitting next to me. Beyond awkward.
Oh yes and I sat on a man's head by accident whilst looking for my purse...
Pretty standard evening in total.

Keep you posted on the Z dilemma tomorrow,
Grammar Gal xxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Some Kissing Home Truths

I'm a terrible person.
Over the past week I have repeatedly insulted Tree and his inability to kiss well, to some of the other girls he has kissed.
And then I talk to him at school.
Gosh that's horrible, isn't it?
I'm not trying to be mean but Tree is a good talking point for these girls and, one cannot deny, that he was pretty bad.
And then things became worse today when I laughed at him in his face because he has "wet hair" but actually...he'd just had a haircut.

I know. I cringe at my awfulness.
And to make things better I've decided to dedicate a blog-post to my cock-ups in the world of kissing so that we can accept that Tree probably isn't as bad as I am:
1. With Shy Guy I wrapped one leg around his. As in, we were dancing and I randomly put one leg around his, for no apparent reason. I am an official weirdo.
2. With Tree I licked his neck. I've already mentioned this but I still cringe with horror at the memory of it.
3. With Tree I narrated throughout the kiss. Not exactly attractve, right?

Think that is about everything, but I'm probably a bad kisser too. But, alas I'll never know because the boys I've been with (Shy Guy a.k.a. Washing Machine Kisser, Dan a.k.a. Leglessly Drunk, Tree a.k.a. Teethy and Overpowering) have also been pretty bad.
So I'll never know!

But one thing is for certain: I need to stop being mean to Tree.
And I need to cheer up - I've been down in the dumps lately for reasons unknown. Perhaps it's the realisation that Z and I are just friends and always shall be, or perhaps it's the fact that I'm starting to forget about Knight which, naturally, frightens me.

Anyways, I have a party next weekend and Bazz and I are going to be top wingwomen and it should be fun Let's just hope there are not Trees or Loverats or Shyguy equivalents there...:')
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Last night Z cringe

Hello chums,
Last night I went to the gathering of one of my new school-friends.
My evening didn't get off to a good start: I had forgotten to wash my hair and only realised 15 minutes before I had to leave so I tried straightening the grease out, but to no avail. I had to Dry-Shampoo it.
The Dry-Shampooing was going well, until I hit The Dry-Shampoo Wall where I had put too much in and my hair was sticky and if I picked up a strand of hair it stayed levitated...
Other than my hair mishap the night was amazing!
There were just a few of us and we played Ring of Fire, Get of The Bus, and Spoons (All drinking games) and, through abstaining from straight vodka I had an amazing time and got sufficiently drunk on Vodka + Coke but not enough to be sick as a brick :')
I talked to Z, too.
I'm cringing.

This was the most memorable part of our conversation:
Me: Don't fall asleep at 9 tonight, jah?
Him: It's already past 9 so if I manage that I'd be really impressed ;)
Me: Oh, it's cool, you can borrow my tardis
Him: Only if you come inside with me
Me: Of course I will jeez. Hey, is that a euphemism?

Him: Hahaha no I've never been in one before, you need to teach me.

I know. I'm still cringing now.
And I also told him, later on: "you're so cocky that you're practically a phallus" and then had to explain that a phallus is a dick :')
Oh dear.

Keep posted,
Grammar Gal

Friday, 23 November 2012

Game On

We appear to have a slight situation.
Once again I have the teensiest crush on a Player who is rumoured to be a loverat.
There is no way that I can "get" him through being honest about how I feel because, as previously discovered, telling guys how you feel
A. Turns them off (Knight)
B. Intimidates them (Prince - although I only asked him out I was so forward that he never replied...)

Therefore the gloves are coming off.
It's been a while since I've played the field in this way - you forget about all the 'dos and donts'.
- Look your best whenever you see him
- Go out and take pictures of your outing
- Tell him when you're going out
- Flirt (this has always been tricky for me)

- Drunk text him
- Text him back straightaway
- Call him to "see how he is"
- Appear too desperate with the flirting thing/appear too eager in general.

And it is with these rules that I'm going to treat Z.
Yes, I'm afraid I'm now on the Z-waggon because it's nice to like someone even if they're out of your league.
I was going to play it casual with Z and stay fiends and see if he made a move (Actually, let's keep this as Plan B) but tonight, at a girly night in with some new school friends, I found out that he is a Player.
I say this because he plays a game.
He takes each drunken girl he's with to "go look at the park" or "go see the pond" and then kisses them.
This was brand new information for me; I didn't know he had a formula and strategy. I didn't know he got with so many girls (and I also didn't know that he's a "good" kisser - quite a contrast to Tree apparently!) So now I'm going back to my strategies, because if I don't then he shall either
1. Friend-zone me forever
2. Forget me
3. Love me and Leave me like many girls before me.

Let the games begin...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Exception & The Rule

In the case that you haven't watched He's Just Not that Into You I feel I should give you the low-down.
The Rule is...the rule. It's the general way things are in a relationship. Here are some rules that I thought I was The Exception to:

A. You can't get off with a boy and then date him. EXCEPTION: a couple at my school got off together and now they're dating. I AM THE RULE: Awkwardly running away from Tree at school after we got together at Halloween.  If a boy gets with you at a party and this is the first time he's met you he will probably Love You And Leave You.

B. You can't ask a boy out. EXCEPTION - In every film you watch the girl asks the guy out and he says 'yes' and they hit it off - i.e. Sleepless in Seattle. RULE - When I asked out Prince he didn't reply. Asking out the guy will intimidate him and make you look too eager.

C. It is difficult/impossible to date your best boy friend successfully. EXCEPTION - Films like Perks of Being a Wallflower, or a couple at my school who were friends first or Monica and Chandler in Friends. RULE - Knight and I failed. Disastrously. It's bloody difficult to go from friends to more-than-friends but if you're both in the right place at the right time it can work.

D. You cannot rekindle a love/be friends with an ex when the boy has a girlfriend. EXCEPTION - When Edward gets back with Bella in New Moon when she's practically with Jacob. RULE - My failed attempt to start talking to Knight again which resulted in him changing his relationship status to "is in a relationship with [Enter his girlfriend's name]" and then he commented and said "just in case it weren't clear". Eurgh. When he has a girlfriend he is not looking for any reminders of his past and he's not looking for another love interest. So give up.

E. Boys will not give you their coat if you're chilly. EXCEPTION - E-v-e-r-y single chick flick & Giraffe and his old girlfriend, the Ladybird (these are nicknames from aaaages ago - 4 years!!) RULE - When I told Knight I was feeling chilly he gave me a hug but no jacket was offered. If you're cold then he'd probably cold too so he will not want to give you his coat. End of.

Think that sums up most of this stuff,
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

P.S. Z said he likes "good girls" but finds them too "frigid"... And the verdict is...? Bazz reckons he's just being a normal teenage boy but....the jury's out for me. Do I want to be with a guy that objectifies women by these standards?
But, then, he's so cute and lovely.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Snapped out of it

Over the last couple of days I've been moping over Knight; what I did wrong, whether I could fix it, why he started ignoring me etc...
I blame this on my mother who got into a deep conversation with me about it, claiming that I "broke his heart" so it's only natural that he'd ignore me.
I didn't break his heart - as Bazz said: he's a guy and he's a prick.
Of course I didn't make this realisation until this morning and now it's too late
Yesterday, moping in self-pity, I sent a message to Knight, which he saw (according to Facebook) and has not replied to. Fuck my life! And now I don't feel sad because I've converted my sadness to mild annoyance verging on a "fuck you" attitude.
This is a good thing, because now I'm feeling soooo much better.
What brought on this realisation? The fact that Knight just put up pictures of him and his girlfriend. And now I realise he's happy with his girlfriend, I don't want him to split from her and I don't want him anymore; I'm sick of chasing someone that's not chasing me!
And, on that note, I'm going to show you the message I sent.
I am cringing as I copy and paste this so don't judge me. Or if you do then pity my foolishness:

I have a theory that in December the world's going to get hit by a massive meteorite sent from aliens and everything's gonna get blown up (unless my tardis starts working or the Japanese make some ships to save us like they do in 2012).
Anyway, in the case that I don't get on one of these ships and we're hit by a meteorite there is something Id like to know or it will just bug me forever: why did you say you loved me, then you ignored me, and then you got a girlfriend? There's no hard feelings don't worry (: I'd just like to know before the meteorite hits :) xx

I know - I'm cringing.
 My plan is to leave the country ASAP.
But the good news is that by not replying and by putting up pic of him and his girlfriend, he's helped me to snap out of it! :D
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Friday, 16 November 2012

Need a Tardis

Dear Dr. Who,
I am the biggest twat in the history of ever.
Let's consider all of the boy mishaps - Tree, Loverat, Shy Guy, Prince... then there's Knight (who, incidentally, can still make me cry when my mother talks about him...sigh...)
And that's why I'm in need of your tardis - to go back to Knight and be happy dammit.
Furthermore, I need to escape from my school for a bit - I'm sick of my anonymous position in the school - I love my friends but then I feel obliged (and I do want) to talk to Tree and Co.
And I'm just sick of the popular kids in general because I don't fit in with them, but I want more of a social life than colour-coding my post-its.
Think that sums up all my points, Doctor.
So, yeah. Tardis much appreciated,
Grammar Gal xxx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

He's just not that into you...

...a.k.a the story of my life.
Last night I watched He's Just not that Into You and I realised that it is SO TRUE.
For instance, when I  told Bazz that Prince didn't reply she was full of excuses that he
A. Was really busy
B. Was on his way out
C. Had a man die outside his house and this took priority.

Bless her, she is only trying to make me feel better (As did some of my other friends by repeating the same excuses - minus C!)
But the simple truth is, that if a guy likes you he will chase you. If he doesn't then he'll let you chase him.
That's just the way it works.
So I shall never ever ever ever ask a guy out, unless forced to, when the result is that the boy will do-a-Knight (i.e. not reply and be a douchebag).

Then there's Tree who got with another girl 2 days after me. Everyone said that this was just because he was "drunk" but that he "actually liked me". But, again, let's face facts. If you like someone then you don't kiss someone else, no matter how drunk you are.

This leads me on to Knight (of course) who ignored me after telling me he 'loved' me. When he hadn't talked to me in ages I told myself it was because he was respecting the fact I was stressed out with my GCSEs. Then when he got a girlfriend a month after telling me he "loves" me, people were telling me that he was on the rebound, that we would still end up together. What happened? I came to grips with the fact that he was manscum and he was Not That Into Me, either.

So there it is: the lies my friends tell me to make me feel better, and the lies I tell myself to cover up the fact that all these manscum are actually Not That Into Me.

And this concludes my depressing-arse thoughts for today. Pinkie Promise not to be this blue tomorrow!
Grammar Gal xxx

Monday, 12 November 2012


Today I got even more confident and I asked Prince if he was free friday evening.
I know: wild child.
But according to Facebook he has seen the message (there's a little tick next to it) so that's just awkward because he's done-a-Knight (a.k.a. ignored the message).
And this definitely constitutes a 'ruh-roh' (this is a Scooby Doo reference where Scooby says 'uh-oh' with a lisp - if you did not know that then reassess your life)..
Oh I'm such a numpty - I need to stop chasing people that aren't chasing me back :')
Well I'm off too to go watch He's Just Not that Into You.
Hopefully it will give me some tips,
Grammar Gal xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Growing a pair - part 3 (a.k.a. asking Prince out)

I ripped off the metaphorical plaster and asked him if he wants to see the film with me.
Even if he doesn't say yes I'm pretty proud to be honest.

Ooo! He's messaged back
Says we could do if either of us ever gets a free day (to meet up)
Let's see...
He does football Saturdays and Sundays...

Oh well, it was a long shot!
At least I asked and he considered
That's enough for now,

P.S. We did talk a great deal so there's been some progress made and it's restored my faith in boykind - they're not all manscum!
Also had a good old chat with RF and Z so, overall, a noice evening :')

Growing a pair - Part Two

I took the plunge and asked Prince if he'd seen the film.
Already regretting it.
Jeeez it must suck to be a boy.
He claims he has not seen the film
Now do I
A. Say me neither
B. Ask if he wants to go?

This is so nerve-wracking.
Those Sister Suffragettes would be proud :')
My heart is going as fast as one of those cars in top gear.
This is ridiculous.

OK so I'm not brave enough to ask "would you like to go see it with me?" but I have alluded to it by saying that my friends don't want to see it and that they're crazy.
Now we just have to see what he replies.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Growing a Pair - Part One

So I decided to grow some balls - NOT LITERALLY.
And actually, that's a rather sexist statement.
I decided to grow some tits (that's better) and ask out Prince.
Well I didn't do it in so many words...
I've sent him a message to ask him to thank his Ma for my lovely presents and I'm hoping that that will lead to us talking about the cinema.
It sounds like a long shot, but I've planned how it's going to go...

MeHey [Prince],
Can you please thank your mum for my lovely birthday presents - I'm such a numpty that I keep forgetting to thank her :')xx
Prince (what I'm assuming he'll say): Sure, she says you're welcome
Me: Thanks. How are you?
Prince: Fine, you?
Me: I'm good thanks. Have you seen the new Skyfall film?
Prince: No, not yet but it looks good
Me: All my friends have seen it but I really want to see it (I'm a die-hard James Bond fan) - are you free on Saturday?
Prince: Sure, see you there.

Then at this date we would share popcorn and everything would go as smooth as shampoo.
That's the plan anyway.
Keep you posted when it all goes tits-up,
Grammar Gal


Minor setback. He received my message and replied via phone, which I did find rather bizare.
Turns out he's at a party.
And I just used the word "numpty" and talked about his Ma.
Gawd I must look strange.
Little does he know...

Boy for a Day

This whole asking people out thing.
It's terrifying.
I know that there have been a lot of female liberation movements - the vote, equality in work opportunities, paying for our own meals... But the tradition of boys asking girls out? They can keep that.
I've been trying for 2 days now to get the courage to casually ask Prince to the cinema and each time I have failed. The Sister Suffragettes are probably rolling in their graves as we speak.
The thing is, it is mindblowingly scary
A. What if they turn you down?
B. What if they agree out of pity?
C. What if they agree and then stand you up?
D. What if you come across too eager?
E. What if the date is beyond awkward because they don't really want to be there?

You can see my dilemma.
And so (hanging my head in shame as I type this) I give up.
I am no good at chasing people; I am a quitter.
Please forgive me, chums
Grammar Gal xxx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Back on the Prince Waggon

Hola chums,
Lately some people have told me that I am too cynical about boys and that I should date some so I don't think they're all evil (well, the manscum I've liked have indeed made me lose faith in boykind). And so, I cast my mind back to the last boy that I knew that was genuinely nice and who may (possibly perhaps) have liked me. And that was Prince. So now here's my Prince Plan.
I'm hoping to ask him to the cinema (it's a long shot - I'll probably chicken out or he'll say no) and just see where things go. He's great: funny, sarcastic, cute, tall, older. Ticks all the right boxes, so I'm intrigued to see what happens...
So, yes, that's the new plan.
Oh, and Tree and his friends called me "Number Two" because I'm the second girl he got with at our school :')
Sigh. And when faced with this boyish immature behaviour I cannot help but want a stable, normal thing. And that's exactly what Prince would provide (appreciate the alliteration).
So we'll just see what happens...
Let you know when I cock it up/he flat-out rejects me,
Grammar Gal xxx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Life Lessons - Tree

Tree is the boy who goes to my school who I idiotically snogged - or, to be more precise, who snogged me. Naturally, I feel ridiculously awkward when I see him in the corridor because
A. He doesn't smile so we had awkward eye contact today with no smiles involved
B. He kissed another girl 2 days after he kissed me, and he doesn't know that I don't like him (he asked my friend if I fancied him -
C. I had the WORST flashback today. I...I'm not sure if I can even say this. I licked him neck. 
I was trying to be all sexy-Marilyn and I remembered that Loverat once kissed my neck and it was the sexiest thing e-v-e-r but...I didn't do it right. And, more to the point, Tree's kiss was bad. He gave me toooooo much teeth (we actually bumped teeth at one point...) and I (cringing as I write this) told him this. I basically narrated our kiss whilst he was kissing me. I told him that it felt "weird" (well I didn't want to hurt his feelings and tell him his kissing is as good as Boris Johnson's face...). So he picked me up which, not going to lie, did improve things but was weird.
OH AND HE'S SUCH A LIAR; he said he would talk to me at school and it "would not be awkward". Lies. Lies.LIES I TELL YOU. There was no talking. There was awkward eye contact and shivers went up my spine from the awkwardness.
Solutions I can think of...
1. Stop telling people I got with Tree because now whenever he walks by all the nudge-nudge wink-winks from people are making it obvious and more awkward for me to talk to him.
2. Talk to him in a group of people in a very casual way
3. Talk to him alone and explain that I don't (always) get off with guys at parties.
4. Leave the country.

Right now 4 is looking appealing, especially after the neck-licking incident...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Sunday, 4 November 2012

No more alcohol

I'm going on an alcohol-strike.
Last night I had so much Vodka that I
1. Lay down in the middle of the road and looked at the stars
2. Was violently sick
3. Passed out in my bed at my own house
4. Started crying for no real reason

So, yeah, I need a break from alcohol because if we review the times I've been drunk...
Incident one: French exchange. Told Knight I loved him and he didn't say it back.
Incident Two: Durham with my sister. I couldn't remember how to talk
Incident Three:Cruise. I got off with a random 18-yr-old and then cried when he got off with someone else...
Incident Four: I got off with a random boy in Durham whose surname I didn't even know. Then I started crying because I didn't know him and I'm not that kind of girl - I prefer dating a guy before kissing him.
Incident Five: Haloween party where I got off with a popular boy from my school and then, 2 days later, he got off with someone else. Not a long-lasting romance...
Incident Six Sick at my own party and could not speak...

Oh but other than the sickness last night was fun and today was great. I had a lie-in and then watched my favourite film, Tiffany's and then we went and saw The Jersey Boys in Soho. Soho is my all-time favourite place in London so that put me in a good mood!
Knight didn't say happy birthday to me but can I really be surprised? He's moved on.
And so have/will I

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Oh, who's surprised?!
The boy I got with at the Halloween Party got with someone last night (as predicted by my sixth sense) but I really don't care...that much...
The girl who kissed the boy was the Old Me and I'm now back to my former sense (the New Me - it's a bit complex!) and so I don't mind.
It was a mistake (As was Shy Guy and Loverat) but now I've moved on - whoop whoop!!
So now I'm in this really nice Zen mood where the cartoon birds are braiding my hair and I'm singing lalalalalala
I'm just feeling high on life :D
And it's all because of my new plan to be more like myself again - no more of this floozy business!

Oh, I have a party to host in less that 4 hours and I still haven't decided on what we're going to do.
Oh well, that's what alcohol's for!!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

P.S. Had the weirdest dream where I lived with Knight and his girlfriend and he and she both hated me because I tried cooking a meal in a microwave and it blew up. Then she started crying and he told me to piss off. So I went out with his roommate and then Knight punched the roommate in the face for no apparent reason. Mindfuck.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Pity Party & 17-Bucket List

Technically tomorrow is my birthday but I'm far from being excited.
Firstly, I feel like really cheap. After talking to Bazz and Knight I tried to put things into perspective and told myself that it didn't matter that I got with random guys - it's not that big a deal. But then tonight I told my mother about it (it slipped out!) and she warned me not to be "easy" or boys will "love you and leave you". Instead, I'm supposed to "treat em mean and keep em keen" which was my life-philosophy up until Loverat and the Cruise.
Eurgh I wish I could go back in my tardis and not have kissed one of the coolest boys in my school. I am full of self-loathing because
A. He probably snogged another girl tonight at the party he went to
B. School will be awkward
C. Any attempt to try to be friends could be perceived as desperate/needy/clingy
D. Any attempt at asking him to be friends will be Royally Cocked up
E. He didn't know me and I let him kiss me. Rest assured, I told him about my vow and I told him I didn't want to kiss a guy until I'd dated him. But he was so persuading damn him. And I Royally Regret it.

But basically my mother's words of wisdom have made me feel about as useful as Branflakes.

OH AND ALSO I'm depressed about my upcoming birthday because I haven't fulfilled a lot of my Before-17-Bucket List of things I wanted to do before turning 17:
1. Have a proper holiday romance (preferably with an Italian guy called Paolo) = NOT COMPLETED (Loverat was NOT a holiday romance. He was a Super Rat).
2. Have a relationship that lasted longer than the expiry date of the ham in my fridge = Need I answer?! NOT COMPLETED
3. Ride on the back of a moped = NOT COMPLETED
4. Have a first kiss = COMPLETED but regretted -  I would rather have waited for the Dreamy Guy to whisk me away than all of this nonsense (BUT I'm now going to be less easy and more witty, daring and mysterious as of now - promise)
5. Have a boy go to my house just to see me = NOT COMPLETED

Basically, I wanted my life to be along the lines of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants but, naturally, it turned out more like Breakfast at Tiffany's without the happy ending mixed with Pretty Woman where she's still a prostitute (OK, I may be being slightly melodramatic...)

Keep you posted on the New Me who is actually just the old me (not easy, witty - or at least I try - and an old romantic),
Grammar Gal xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Renewing the vow

OK, last night was a big mistake.
I should have stopped drinking as soon as I reached my Vodka Wall (halfway) but instead I carried on and on and on...
So I got with someone from my school who knows nothing about me - he doesn't know my favourite colour, my favourite band, my ambitions...
It's just all wrong. Knight messaged me back on Facebook (:O) with a rather patronising message that it doesn't matter about this guy because we only kissed so it's not that big a deal.
Yes, he's right.
But, I am and forever will be an old romantic. So when I kiss a guy I want it to be Breakfast-at-Tiffanys-in-the-rain spectacular.
Not what's-his-name-again?
This time I blame the Vodka, but now I've learnt my lesson to not get drunk again and get off with strangers. It's not good.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

P.S. According to the pictures on Facebook I had lipstick unattractively smudged on my forehead for most of the night. Fanfrickingtastic :')
P.P.S. I just made a very awkward situation by telling the boy whose six-pack I dissed yesterday not to forget about the t-shirt he promised to make me (I was drunk - it made sense at the time)...and he saw the message...and didn't reply.
Perhaps this would be ok if he was a normal human being but he's so intimidating that when I next see him I think I'll walk into a wall out of embarrassment...
P.P.P.S Knight hasn't replied after I replied to his patronising message (where I agreed with him that snogging isn't a big deal but I'd rather snog people that knew stuff about me) but Facebook tells me he has seen my message. I hate it when Facebook does that because now I can't tell myself that his Facebook is broken or that he tried to reply but his phone burst into flames. I have to face the harsh truth: that he saw the message and can't be arsed to reply. Harrumph. Oh well, fuck 'im (: