Sunday, 18 November 2012

Snapped out of it

Over the last couple of days I've been moping over Knight; what I did wrong, whether I could fix it, why he started ignoring me etc...
I blame this on my mother who got into a deep conversation with me about it, claiming that I "broke his heart" so it's only natural that he'd ignore me.
I didn't break his heart - as Bazz said: he's a guy and he's a prick.
Of course I didn't make this realisation until this morning and now it's too late
Yesterday, moping in self-pity, I sent a message to Knight, which he saw (according to Facebook) and has not replied to. Fuck my life! And now I don't feel sad because I've converted my sadness to mild annoyance verging on a "fuck you" attitude.
This is a good thing, because now I'm feeling soooo much better.
What brought on this realisation? The fact that Knight just put up pictures of him and his girlfriend. And now I realise he's happy with his girlfriend, I don't want him to split from her and I don't want him anymore; I'm sick of chasing someone that's not chasing me!
And, on that note, I'm going to show you the message I sent.
I am cringing as I copy and paste this so don't judge me. Or if you do then pity my foolishness:

I have a theory that in December the world's going to get hit by a massive meteorite sent from aliens and everything's gonna get blown up (unless my tardis starts working or the Japanese make some ships to save us like they do in 2012).
Anyway, in the case that I don't get on one of these ships and we're hit by a meteorite there is something Id like to know or it will just bug me forever: why did you say you loved me, then you ignored me, and then you got a girlfriend? There's no hard feelings don't worry (: I'd just like to know before the meteorite hits :) xx

I know - I'm cringing.
 My plan is to leave the country ASAP.
But the good news is that by not replying and by putting up pic of him and his girlfriend, he's helped me to snap out of it! :D
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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