Friday, 16 November 2012

Need a Tardis

Dear Dr. Who,
I am the biggest twat in the history of ever.
Let's consider all of the boy mishaps - Tree, Loverat, Shy Guy, Prince... then there's Knight (who, incidentally, can still make me cry when my mother talks about him...sigh...)
And that's why I'm in need of your tardis - to go back to Knight and be happy dammit.
Furthermore, I need to escape from my school for a bit - I'm sick of my anonymous position in the school - I love my friends but then I feel obliged (and I do want) to talk to Tree and Co.
And I'm just sick of the popular kids in general because I don't fit in with them, but I want more of a social life than colour-coding my post-its.
Think that sums up all my points, Doctor.
So, yeah. Tardis much appreciated,
Grammar Gal xxx

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