Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Evil (Ex) Girlfriend Myth

I am completely aware that I haven't written in a millennium but I have many reasons:
A. The first week of summer was spent pining over Humbug, which included watching The Way We Were (and singing along because Barbara Streisand is my soul sister), blasting out I Knew You Were Trouble and rolling around on the floor like Taylor Swift in that depressing-arse video :')
B. I went travelling round Europe with my sister! And I went to Mexico with the fam, so I've been a busy bee!
C. This social slug has finally turned into a social butterfly (it's been a long time coming, as many of you will testify) so I've literally been out every day!
D. I'm seeing this new guy and he's so dreamy but I don't want to post about him... :')

But now I'm backkkkkk.
And I'm here to address a serious issue. It is a well-known fact that I read a LOT of chick lit (romance novels) and this education has taught me that there is always
1. The Perfect Guy
2. The Female Best Friend who is quirky and weird and perfect for the Perfect Guy
3. The Evil Girlfriend who is high maintenance and mean and keeps the Perfect Guy from being happy. For instance, think of Emily from Friends - everyone thinks she is a high-maintenance bitch, whilst Rachel is the Female Best Friend that everyone loves.
But the thing is that the Evil Girlfriend doesn't exist. I won't lie, there are girls (myself included!) who are jealous, clingy koala bears who are really high maintenance. But that doesn't mean that we don't deserve love :') We are still the protagonists of our own lives. And it annoys me that people see us as being 'too much to handle'. Like Humbug - he needs somebody who is low maintenance and only requires one text a month or something.
The Evil Girlfriend doesn't exist; she's just high maintenance, and needs a guy who is willing to maintain her :')
And often in these romance stories the Evil Girlfriend is upset with the Perfect Guy because the latter is actually a knobhead! Like when Ross said Rachel at his wedding!!
So the next time you listen to the Taylor Swift song remember that just because the girlfriend wears 'short skirts' and doesn't get her boyfriend's jokes, it doesn't mean that he should be stolen from her by this supposedly perfect best friend.
Just something to think about.
Rant over xxxx