Monday, 19 August 2013

The Problem with Overthinking

I'm an over thinker. When Funny Guy told me he liked me I was super super super happy. It was the first time in a LONG time that I listened to the happy songs by Taylor Swift. I've finally found a guy who is: funny, intelligent, lovely and hot as a fox.
 And most of my friends were happy too (some of them didn't seem very enthused and made me think that I was overreacting to Funny Guy's date proposal).
I just get too excited about small things like dates with boys I like.
And I think I'm more excited than Funny Guy. He seems so casual about it.
And now the beautiful friendship I had with Funny Guy is totally different: we used to send billions of texts to each other and it wouldn't be clingy because we were just friends. Now we're something more than that and I'm worried that he will think I'm too clingy just because I'm excited about a date with a cool kid.
But I have a plan to prove my coolness to this man.
We will (try to) pretend that this date is not a big deal at all.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Three Letter Rule

Hello, chums!
Long time, no speak, I am aware. However, I was cramming for my driving theory (I somehow passed!) and then I went on holiday to sunny California for 2 weeks! It was amazing and such fun, particularly Hollywood and the Warner Bros film set. 

But I've missed writing my little anecdotes. And I do have an anecdote and it is something to cross off my 18-Bucket List (my list of things to do before I turn 18): I was chatted up in a bookshop.
The boy in question was a fairly timid, cute Asian boy. I think he was around my age (not entirely sure, I spent most of the incident looking at the ground and wishing I had laser vision to make me a hole so I could crawl into it and avoid the embarassment of what I was enduring).
So, basically: I was in the bookshop in California,minding my own business. Then SUDDENLY I was approached by the aforementioned male. He was all like "I think I've seen your face before. Were you at the Farmers' Market?". I affirmed that I had been. Then he told me that he knew he would never see me again so he needed to tell me...
And then he trailed off and started a new conversation.
He asked where I was from and what I was up to and once I realised that he wasn't a bad guy from Taken I started to ease up and the conversation was starting to flow.
It was a cringey conversation though. He said that the fact I come from England was "just beautiful" and he ended our little talk by saying he was "very attracted" to me.

Mark me down as dubious about the boys I attract...

Anyways, the point of this post is for me to share with you my Three Letter Rule.
I have found, from my (albeit limited) experience with members of the opposite sex, that boys with 3 letters in their name are generally Knobheads.
For instance: Cas, Tom, Ben, Dan, Jon.

And now my friends are trying to set me up with a Ben. 
I vote no.
And then my other friend, who I absolutely adore, is trying to set me up with a 22-year-old.
Guys, I'm happy being a bachelorette :')
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx