Friday, 22 July 2011

Are we exclusive?

OK, so basically I have been seeing (but NOT dating) this really cute boy, let's call him X, for 2 years and we really get along well. We're more than friends but less than boyfriend and girlfriend - I guess I'm just not ready for the whole boyfriend thing. But ANYWAY that's not the point of this entry.
See, I have a dilemna. I'm a naturally outgoing person but boys often tend to perceive me as being flirtatious (which I'm not - I don't think...!) and today this boy, let's call him Y, asked me to the cinema. Y has asked me out before and I have told him that X and I are kind of an item, but he really took me off guard today. If he had done it electronically I would have explained that it was my aunt's birthday who was giving birth to octuplets, so naturally I'd be there all day. But he didn't. He asked me on a bus. Full of strangers. So I said yes. But now I'm not sure. I mean, is it as friends? I definately don't think of him as anything more, but who knows if this is mutual? Sure, I want us to be mates that can meet up, but he seems to be implying more. 
Well, here are my options:
A. Call/Text/Facebook him that I will be busy that day, due to my aunt's wedding.
B. Tell X about it and assure him we are just friends (which would be beyond awkward).
C. Tell Y I will meet him, but only as mates.
D. Turn up to the 'date' but look a real state (that unintentionally rhymes..oh dear..) so hopefully this 'allure' will go out faster than the flip of a switch. what should I do???!
Maybe it's OK for us to meet up. I saw some pictures of X with a group of girls so maybe we're not exclusive to meeting up with people in the opposite sex.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Final Day of Cheerleading Training

Sorry. I give up. I came to this realisation when I woke up this morning which arms which felt like they had been over by a Landrover whilst I had been sleeping. My legs feel like someone has stretched me to my limit and I feel generally tired. Where are these happy endorphins people rave about with exercise?!!!
Answer: It's all a lie, a lure to make you start exercising. Exercising is painful.
I'm not sure if I want to be a cherleader now - I have to face the fact that I have the body of a 44 year old and I always will do!
Anyways, I think I'm going to move on now so this is my LAST CHEERLEADING entry.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cheerleading Training: Day Two

Starting to wonder if this is all worth it! I know I know! I am young, hence I should do sports otherwise all of them lovers of mine (including Mr Toblerone, Mr Kinder Egg and my all time favourites Mr Ben and Mr Jerry) shall come and give me a huge bum and I will be that woman that needs a shove through the door. OK, this is pretty good motivation. I am going to get fit. Right now. Right after I've finished this tub of Freddos (it would be rude to leave them after all).
Right, here is tonight's plan. I shall go shoe shopping with my Dad as planned (my shoes are in a DISGRACEFUL state - they have a hole the size of Mt Everest in them. And it rained today) and when I come back I'm going to to 20 sit ups, perfect the splits and go for a not-so-spontaneous jog. Ta-da! Sorted...
To be continued in 3 hrs ***************************************
DISASTER! Whilst my Dad and I were out shoe shopping there was a cheerleading display going on at the Glades and he was laughing at them - so I told him I'm going to be a cheerleader. He laughed and said it was about time I got fit (bit rude, wasn't it?!). So, when we got home he asked me to do 10 push ups. I managed 2. He laughed and made me feel like a tiny, weak little rock that's falling under a mammoth of a cliff. It wasn't good. Anyway, then he asked me to do 10 sit ups. Apparently I was doing it wrong (using my neck instead of my tummy) but, either way, it hurts and does not make you feel fit. AT ALL. Just a piece of advice to all of you out there: DO NOT DO EXERCISE VOLUNTARILY! Seriously, I feel ridiculous. I then proceeded to go for a jog. Oh the looks. I hate it when you go jogging and it isn't going very well (you're an attractive shade of beetroot and your top is clinging to you) and the dog walkers and cyclists turn and SMIRK - the cheeky buggers - at you as they walk/glide past you in their clean and respectable form. I just can't take the constant judgement!! 
Needless to say, I need help. I need help now. 
Can I get super toned in 5 days?? We shall have to see... (hint: the answer is probably no)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cheerleading training: Day One

No: you did not misread the title. I, Grammargal, am going to be a cheerleader. The idea came to me at registration when I heard the notice that letters for cheerleading club would be available at lunch in the P.E. Office. I knew I had to do it for 2 main reasons:
1. I have always always always said to everyone that I would love to be a cheerleader (if you just minus the exercise part, of course)
2. It just sounds so cool! I am going to be part of the CHEERLEADING CLUB. OK I am aware that this is not America and it's actually not cool to be in the cheerleading club in my school. Screw it! I'm doing it anyway!

Being aware, however, that I cannot touch my toes; my idea of upper body strength is being able to carry the food shopping into my house without collapsing; and somersaults of any kind always end with me falling face-first onto the ground, I know that I need to do some training. I'm going to give myself a week to be prepared for cheerleading (the letter is due in next Wednesday) and that starts today.
OK, so far I have chosen a really sporty-looking outfit (grey t-shirt and shorts) and have listened to the song "Mickey" 10 times.
Now, let the real work begin...
AGONY. My legs shall never forgive me for what I have just did. I tried to do the splits. Hmmm....maybe I'll try that again in a few days' time! I then proceeded to doing 5 sit ups before collapsing on my back and managing 2 push ups before my arms gave way and I breathed in the comforting smell of my carpet, just laying there for what must have been 5 minutes.
I shall not take this as defeat. I CAN FEEL THE MUSCLES FORMING - hypothetically, of course...
Shall keep you posted!