Monday, 3 November 2014

Grammar Gal goes to uni

It has come to my attention that my blogging suddenly stopped. It wasn't a fantabulous firework that went out with a bang, but was instead fizzled out like a flat Diet coke.
Tomorrow is my 19th birthday and it's making me nostalgic about this blog - my pride and joy from my adolescence, where I wrote about Knobheads and Manwhores who bitchslapped my heart from the ages of 14-18. Knight the Knobhead, Loverat, Shy Guy, Tree, Curly Haired Guy, Humbug... They've all been included in the blog and they've kind of helped me become the writer I am today - I hope that the way I've made an arse out of myself in front of these guys has worked as an instruction manual for How Not To Act In Front Of Boys (a.k.a. don't tell a boy that he is an atrocious kisser, don't chase boys who are absolutely not into you...)
In essence, you just have to remember one thing: Put the ass in sass.

And on this note, I've been thinking about my reasons for stopping this blog. Essentially, the only real reasons are
1. That I'm kinda busy
2. That my boyfriend doesn't like this blog. In fact, he absolutely hates me writing it and would consider it an invasion of his privacy.

But...I like writing the blog. And from your emails and comments in the past, I'm guessing that you like writing the blog...
So here's the plan: Grammar Gal is back.

The bitchiness is long gone from the blog, and I will aim to keep it that way. Nonetheless, I'm going to mention guys I meet / awkward situations my friends and I get into.

Starting now.

I'm currently writing from UNIVERSITY. Let me just say that I am the worst university student. Ever. In typical Grammar Gal style, the library is my mothership. Yes, I do go out, and yes there is probably more vodka flowing through my body than blood. But books are, and have always been, bae.

I've joined cheerleading because my aim for this year is to become a really cool, preppy kid (think Quinn from Glee...but not a bitch). Then next year I want to get dreadlocks and write poetry and be in a band and be a really cool hippy chick - like this girl in my halls who is SO COOL.

What else... Oh yes, my boyfriend is SO AMAZING. We write letters to each other because he's at another university, and we are very much loved up :D We talk a lot and it's so fantabulous. We have a Kim-Kardashian-Kanye-West kind of love, except that he's with me for my brains and not my booty (well, that's a given, my bum is so small that you'd need a telescope to locate it) and it's just amazing, ahhh. After the years of Knobheads and Manwhores I've finally found a Colin-Firth-In-Bridget-Jones kinda guy and he's awesome!!

OK, so that's just a brief outline of what's new, but I'm going to keep you posted on anything that happens - all the anecdotes and cock-ups I inevitably make (like telling my seminar tutor, who looks like Mr Tumnus from Narnia, that I'm going home for my sister's wedding...then forgetting that I told him that LIE and having a mind blank when he asks me how it was)

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx