Friday, 7 March 2014

The Epiphany

Ok guys, I've made a major discovery.
In the past, I've blamed the knobheads and manwhores for bitchslap ping my heart but MAYBE I was partly to blame, too.
Lets take Knight the Knobhead as an example: we got on really well and texted alllllll the time but then maybe I got too clingy and he withdrew. But then when he withdrew I clung tighter and he withdrew further and so on and so on for 2 years. Yes, he was a self-centred arsehole but I am partly to blame.
Example two: Curly Haired Guy. Again, we got very close and texted everyday. Then he left me for Jilly Big-Tits (the gorgeous 10year old :) ) and maybe that was my fault for not playing hard to get. Nahhhhh I was pretty hard to get for CHG. don't think the rule applies for him...
Finally: Funny Guy. I feel it's ok to mention him on the blog again because he texted me that I'm too jealous and neurotic to be his friend. Soooooo... Yes. Ok. I got too attached to funny guy. I loved him being my best friend and I didn't like that he had so many other best friends so I DRUNKENLY told him that I felt he had replaced me and then all hell broke loose and we aren't talking anymore. Yes, he is a meanie BUT I'm also clingy...

But have no fear! I've met a wonderful boy, my boyfriend Humbug, who I DON'T talk to everyday. I'm not too clingy on him and I'm really loving our relationship. I think I've learned from my mistakes. From now on, grammar gal will be cool, collected and casual.
The neurotic and crazy chick is taking a back seat.