Friday, 30 September 2011

What to do when your French exchage is a model

I am an idiot. I have been persuaded to be part of the French exchange which is happening in a week. Last night I saw her on facebook. She is  things that intimidate me:
1. Blonde
2. Beautiful
3. Popular
I judge people way too soon - I am aware of this!  So this resulted in me hyperventilating for approximately half an hour and daydreaming about what could happen. The most chilling of these thoughts was: what if she sees me and decides I'm not worthy of her prescence and proceeds to sent me home?!!
Well, that was before I got to know her. She started talking to me last night and she was really sweet, saying she couldn't wait to meet me etc...
I told tiny white lies about loving to party and liking mainstream music but I don't want her the think I am a freak who doesn't "rave" and spends her evenings listening to Magic FM.
Well, in the course of this conversation she invited me to TWO house parties. If you know me then you will understand this is OMG-worthy!! I'm not uncool, per se, but I'm more on the geek scale I suppose (although X says I'm not even good enough to be a geek - rude boy that he is)
Things with X are going really well - we have private jokes about needing the Jeremy Kyle Show (and I'm planning on getting him a "for my husband" card for his 16-and-a-half birthday) and he's real sweet and etc...
But even he understood the tragedy of the French Exchange being a supermodel (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating). Either way, I'm so glad that I have bought loads of new clothes to go there with!!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Convent girl

My school is a "selective grammar school for girls". It sounds bad, but in truth it is terrible. Academically, it's fantastic. Seriously - it's the kind of school where a B would earn you a "Nice try" from your friends. But socially - it's a disaster.
The school tells you that they want you to have a balanced life, yet they want A*s too - you can either have one or the other. For 5 years of my life I have chosen the A*s route, but now I'm curious for the other. I mean, I'm starting to get something that resembles a social life: I meet up with my mates every weekend and X and I meet up a lot, too. But this means I can't study, which means I'm "going on a downward spiral" as my friend so kindly put it. 
The title of this blog entry is "Convent girl" because that's what my school's like: a convent. Here's a scary statistic: 9/10 people leave my school and join a nunnery. OK, I made that up but it could easily be true! The point is, I can't go out with X because I have too much work to do (how pathetic is that!). It's a serious dilemna: not only for me, but for all the girls in my school.  Due to the fact we've had such limited social lives while in our adolescent years, many of us Grammar girls could grow up to be Call girls (top end ones of course - after all, it is a grammar school..)!
It's not that I hate my school: it's just that in American shows I watch the people are always socialising and able to go out, but I'm going to be stuck inside revising for GCSEs for practically all of my adolescence. You know what, it wouldn't surprise me if my Knight in Abercrombie and Fitch (a.k.a. X) runs off with some girl who CAN have a social life. GRRRRRRRRRR.
 Keep you poster,
Grammar gal

Monday, 19 September 2011

We need a break

The other night, whilst driving home from a trip woth my mates, I got a call from the Knight. He was pretty wasted and asked me to this party in Bexley. I really wanted to go actually. Then that night, he texted me drunk messages "I love you" etc etc (we all know what boys are like after a few drinks) and I said "I love you too" and told him to sober up. Then in the morning I got a text saying "Yeah, sorry about last night I was SO out of it". Thing is, I really thought I loved him in that moment, but now I'm just cringing all over. 
It's gotten to the stage where I see him post something on Facebook and cringe at the sight of his name.
ALSO, I asked him about Y and he said it's fine (as long as it's not this guy I use to know - called Giraffe, who I HATED but fancied the pants off of at the same time). Well, I came to the conclusion today that I need a break from X; they say Less is More and I feel like I've been around him too long. I think this French Exchange will be good to get away from him for a while - things are a bit intense.
I wrote a song today, which I haven't done in AGES and whilst I won't post it here, I'll just say that it's pretty deep and I'm NOT a "deep" person so this boy is having a bad influence on me!! Anyways, I have to go now and pack (!) and maybe, if I'm lucky, I shall meet a gorgeous Jean-Claude to whisk me off my feet on a moped.
Here's hoping,
Grammar Gal