Saturday, 31 March 2012

1. Knight [X] if you are reading this then stop right now.
I'm warning you.

As you know today was the meet-up with Knight. It was really lovely - probs one of my favourite get-togethers yet. Now, I'm just going to warn you that by the end of this blog post you will be thinking "Then why the hell aren't you going out with him?" And this is a very good question. The answer is that I need to focus on my exams. But after they are over things will be a LOT different...
Back to the meeting... We went around Southbank and we saw the same busker at Covent Garden from ages ago which was lovely. And he held my hand too which is just awesome (and now when I play "Never have I ever" with my friends I can drink to the 'hand-holding' bit).
He was really tactile all day actually - kissing me on the forehead (which is so sweet), kissing my hand, picking me up and spinning me around (which was just brilliant) and multiple hugs. 
What a gent.
So, yeah, it was an absolutely perfect day where the only bad thing was that he was smoking NON-STOP - as in, he had 8 within 2 hours. I hate smokers... But, hey, c'est la vie..

Extremely short update

Sorry I haven't updated in ageeeeesssss but I have been staying up till 1 doing my revision [I blame the Convent]...
So, things have been pretty hectic. BUT last night I had the night off and watched Dirty Dancing - which is the best film in the history of ever.
Today we are meeting up with Knight which shall be good. Which reminds me - I need to Journey Planner it...
Then we are doing Graphics revision - which is rather pointless since I haven't learnt anything so there's very little to revise. C'est la vie.
As you can tell I am exhausted and so this shall be an extremely short update.
But I promise to give more details later!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Why am I such a fucking idiot?

I've been wondering this question for most of my life. I still do not know. Look, I just want Knight to be my best friend again, but now I have no idea if that's possible.
Oh yeah, by the way, we're meant to be meeting up this weekend (let's hope he doesn't cancel..)
And I was looking forward to meeting him again until my mother suddenly says:
1. He'll only break my heart (but he didn't break it in the first place! I just missed my witty and amazing friend)
2. I'll break his heart - I'm leading him on by meeting up with him and should leave things alone. But I need to talk to him - I want him to catch up with him and maybe tell him my side of the situation (?)
Either way, I feel like a God-awful person. I don't want to string him along because I do, in fact, love him - as my best friend. But all of that 'fancying' and being 'in love' with him is all in the past I think - I prefer thinking of him as my friend than my boyfriend.
But I don't want to fuck things up again. And I'm really scared he'll just ditch me.
Which brings me back to my opening question: why am I such a fucking idiot? Why do I have to have commitment phobia? Why the fuck can't I settle down and find someone?

But if Knight says he can't be friends with me after all the shit that has gone down in between, then I'll walk away - I refuse to drag him along again. I refuse to hurt him - he deserves so much more than me! He deserves a normal girl who is in love with him.

And I need more time.
And perhaps therapy.

Pretty couples...

I've come to the conclusion that prettiness is wasted on pretty people. This isn't just girls - but boys, too. They walk around the world, aware of the effect they have on everyone else in their presence and.... Yes, that was a sigh of jealousy that just escaped my lips.
But there was a reason for this rant (as there always is).

Whenever I walk down the High Street I cannot help but notice all of the cute couples touching ruffling each other's hair or holding hands. This, in fact, is very cute. If not a teeny bit sickening if you're in a bad mood. But, on the whole, it's cute and these adorable couples are acceptable to me.

But what really bugs me is when I go shopping and there is inevitably a long line of boys sitting down in those hard wooden chairs in the shops, dutifully waiting for their gorgeous but high-maintenance girlfriends to finish trying on their multitudes of outfits. Poor lads!

If I was one of those 'pretty gals' who has guys swooning I would never ever take him shopping (why would you both want to endure torture) so, I argue, that prettiness is wasted on these pretty people.

Next point of discussion is the whole Dinner Complex. I also saw loads of couples eating dinner together today and I'll admit that this is rather cute, too. I am aware that I seem like a jealous stalker - but there's something about springtime which brings out all of the couples from their winter hibernation and makes them all unavoidable. So, anyway, the Diner Complex - why is it that boys always pay? OK, this is an Umbrella Statement since sometimes the girl pays 50/50. But, from my experience at least, the guy always offers to pay. Are we too weak to pay our way or something? The mind boggles. But I'm not a feminist and, not going to lie, I'd just let the guy pay. It's just curious to see that guys believe this is a romantic gesture when it's actually slightly insulting.

Thus ends my random questions which have been in my head today.

Random fact about my day: Today I saw Afro in the corridor. He is, admittedly, looking fine. Damn him.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Why is Knight doing so much fishing as a free agent - yet all I have is RF...

Oh WOW...
So, just to let you know, the supposed "Knight In Shining Armour" is now 'in a relationship' again and I cannot help but feel a strong sense of Deja-vu with my previous 'boyfriend' Beaver... Everytime I'd get my hopes up that he'd leave a girlfriend and come back to me, he'd find a replacement within 3 days. 
Oh well. Fuck 'em. The lot of them.
I don't even want to be his girlfriend - honestly, I promise! I'm talking about Knight btw, not Beaver (that ship sailed a looooong time ago). I just want my witty friend back. 

ALSO, I am extremely pissed off that  forgot to put my clock forward and now have lost an hour of my life.
And on that note, I bid you adieu,

Not enough has really happened in my life to start a new post!! So, btw, this is a day later than the stuff above ^...
Right. What's new in my life...
1. My sister's boyfriend (who is lovely by the way AND NORTHERN :O ) is staying chez nous at the moment which is noice.
2. Awesome has made me think about Afro for the first time in WEEKS -.- He has lovely hair, nice face, an awesome afro and smells like heaven. Eurgh why oh why do we have nothing in common?!
3. Mrs Nerg was kind of sympathetic about the whole Knight thing - but, to be honest, we both just laughed it off! It is rather amusing when you think about it: He likes me + I don't like him --> He stops liking me as I start liking him --> I pine for ages --> I send him his plec in a weak attempt to start talking again [which my friends seem to find particularly curious..!] -> He gets a girlfriend --> I alternate between pining and 'MFTOing' --> He and his girlfriend split up --> I feel a window of opportunity --> We talk for like 3 minutes --> He goes t a party --> He has a girlfriend again (same one I think) --> BUT THE PINING HAS STOPPED [or at least paused].

Ooo ALSO RockerFella is being soo annoying. OK, I like having male friends, but since when was it OK for them to all come up with the line "Hey, I'm bored so I'm texting to say hi" - do you expect us to swoon or something?! When RockerFella did this I was just blown away by memories of Yr 8 boy-acquaintances where these conversations were the norm. They make you feel like the last resort in that person's life. Hence, RF is a douche. Which reminds me - I see RF almost everyday - I drive past him on the way to school - and have realised he is not remotely charming or attractive or nice.
I know how to pick 'em!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Friday, 23 March 2012

RockerFella should just go and disappear.

Looking back, I really have NO IDEA why I responded to RockerFella's text in the first place. He's becoming more and more insistent that we meet up now. And I don't want to see him.
I DON'T LIKE HIM - HE'S NOT A NICE FELLA. He's a user/racist pig and I loathe him and all he stands for. But he's damn nice to me. Or at least he was - now he's getting clingy and annoying that I am adamant that I shan't meet up with him.

Gawd, and he has a girlfriend as well. So, why does he want to meet up with me? Eurgh he's so slimy.
Remember - this is the same guy that asked me flat-out if I wanted to have sex with him, proceeded to call me frigid and then told me I was fit. *Shivers* - what have boys become?!

C'est la vie. I have a shit-load of work but I'll try to keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Thursday, 22 March 2012

I'm ashamed...

So, out of the blue, guess who texted me: No, not Knight (but dayum I wish it had been!) - RockerFella.
Now, in hindsight I should have just not replied. But I really wanted someone to talk to. Male company is awesome. So he's been lovely and there's been the odd bit of sexual bant but nothing too serious. I will never fancy him and I think he has a girlfriend anyway. But I feel ashamed with myself: this boy is a user, a playboy,and a potential racist according to rumours. Basics, he's an arse. But I feel... special getting a text from someone. And he's really nice to me.
I really want to believe he's a genuinely nice person, but I know deep down he's just a player and once he's got what he wants from a girl (hint) he dumps her and moves on. He's notorious. But charming. But also kind of dull - aware this doesn't make sense. See, he replies as soooooon as you text him and he's...bland. He's the kinda guy who says "my day was fine" instead of going into detail...

But, hey, I found a boy who wants to be my chum. There's no harm in that.

Grammar Gal


Oooo just quick newsflash: Knight no longer has a girlfriend. The writer and romantic in me would like to believe that he now will spend more time with me and all will be swell again. The realist in me knows this is completely impossible since I shot him down and he's a free agent who no longer needs me in my life.

Oh, I miss those days I wasn't so 'realistic' D:

Keep you posted

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Meltdown over

I'm aware that yesterday's blog was realllllly long and very mellow and regretful. But that was yesterday and this is today.
We must establish the ground rules here:
1. Stop relapsing into Knight flashbacks.
2. Stop pining.
3. MTFO.

Plan?! Well, maybs not MTFO straight away. But you get the picture. This summer I'll be going fishing for new fish in the sea.. :)

Sorry for the shortness of this post but I'm reading The Hunger Games and am adamant to finish it ASAP..!
Grammar Gal

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My 15 minutes of fame has provoked some serious thought

Today, there was a mini-rumour going around our year that I am dating Afro (since he has a girlfriend and no-one knew who it was and the fact I sat on his lap does seem misleading...).
Had I fancied Afro at all I would have felt envious towards his girlfriend. No, scratch that, if I fancied Afro I would have made a big effort to talk to him more. But, alas, I do not fancy Afro; we having nothing in common and I just think he smells good.
This, however, made me start thinking: people (including you) must think I am a massive whore/slut/fickle numpty. When reading over my previous blog posts I cannot really blame you: it seems that I change my mind about who to fancy every five seconds, so there are some things I need to make clear:
Afro: Smells great. But we have nothing in common. End of.
Y: Sure he's nice but he's not my type and never will be.
Duke: Lovely personality but just a Friend-Type not a Romantic-Type of person.
Giraffe: Total indie bastard who thinks I'm too "mainstream" for him. Somehow his callous ways made me fancy him in year 9...
RockerFella: He seems nice but he's deceitful - he's a nasty bastard and is really slimy.
Prince: Here's where it gets tricky. See, I did love him at one stage (in yr 8) and it was a serious infatuation. But that was then. He's too shy and would never ask me out - albeit he is perfect boyfriend material. However, the likelihood of him asking me out is slim-none so we should move on...

Knight: [ Knight, if you're reading this - which I'm sure you're not - then just STOP READING NOW. ]
I now know that one of the biggest mistakes of this year has been giving Knight the URL to this site because I'm aware he may think I'm a total psycho to still blog about him when we no longer speak. Nonetheless, when I gave him that URL I promised y'all that nothing would change and I'd still blog freely about him (albeit I no longer refer to him as "The Knob"). Besides, our relationship has nothing to lose because we don't speak any more.
But I've now grown up and realised over the past month/whatever it's been, that all of the failures in our relationship have been my fault. Well, the fact he asked me out before I went to France and therefore before I fancied him was perhaps some cruel act of fate. But I am nonetheless culpable of not telling him how I felt as soon as he came back from Africa. After all, there was a good month/2 months where we were still on good terms after he came back from Africa and before he met his girlfriend.
OK, that's where things get tricky. If he didn't have a girlfriend I would persevere: text him, Facebook him, perhaps even call him. But, alas, he has a girlfriend and it would be morally wrong to attempt to get back into his life when he already has a girl there. That doesn't mean that I feel any better.

Unfortunately for me, I am being constantly reminded of Knight - by some cruelty I am having vivid and frequent flashbacks of our days together (just the good bits - the getting lost in Bromley Park and his giving me a white rose whilst we sat on the pavement). This has made it impossible to MTFO (Move The Fuck On). When I look back at past diary and blog entries I cannot help but realise how stupid I was to have been in grasp of The Perfect Boy and to let him slip through my fingers because I am The World's Biggest Douchebag (as Awesome would say).
On days where I'm feeling more optimistic about MTFOing (Moving The Fuck On) I try to remember that Knight and I wouldn't have worked. We only worked in the little world we had when we met up - just the 2 of us. I cannot imagine meeting up with him and his posh/rich/party-animal friends, nor can I imagine him meeting up with my studious (but awesome) friends. I'm not a party animal - I get tipsy at the smell of alcohol, and I'm way too studious. And he loves going out. So we wouldn't be a practical couple.
Oh God! What am I saying?! This is all irrelevant anyway because He.Has.A.Girlfriend. and I'm sure he loves her very much (they are, after all, going to Reading together according to my News Feed) and I wish them ever happiness.

Seriously, I do.

I just hope another Perfect Boy will come along.
Any time now would be great..

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Durham Road Trip

Right now I am feeling tired, nauseous and embarrassed. As you know, yesterday I went to Durham to see my sister.
Now, I cannot go into too much detail because, not going to lie, I don't remember much.
Here's what I do remember:
1. Had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend and the 'rents whereupon I drank 2 cocktails. After that I was feeling a little tipsy (remember I'm a lightweight)
2. Departed from the restaurant and walked with my sis and her boyf to her apartment.
3. Met many of her friends and played a drinking game where much Vodka was consumed. I was legless at this stage.
4. Went to a club where the queue was too long so...
5. Went to another club but they were demanding ID so...
6. Went to another club where we were let in. But let it be noted that I didn't drink anything there since I was feeling ill.
7. We danced and 2 boys tried chatting up the group of us with the chat up line "Got any raisins? How about a date..?" IKR WOW
8. Texted people random things about my love for them - only just remembered this when looking at my Sent box in my phone.
9. Got a taxi home and went to sleep.

All I have to show for my weekend is this mark on my hand of the club we went to, and a couple memories. But I felt really out of place - I missed staying at home and vegging out on Ben & Jerry's. I've learnt that I'm still a 5 year old stuck in a teenager's body.

But overall it was a great trip.
As long as you exclude the fact it took 8 and a half hours to get there...


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lalala sisters are doing it for themselves....

Today we had a self-defence class, which is probably the only useful lesson I have learned at the Convent. It was amazing - I feel totally empowered and Zen and ahhh :')

I am aware that the protocol now is for me to ramble on about my so-called "Love Life" but - what is there to say??
- Knight has a girlfriend (and my mother now hates him - oh I do love her..!)
- Prince is going to America for 4 years...
- Afro and I have nothing in common (but I stand by that he is the nicest smelling boy in the history of ever)
- I never see/speak to Y, Giraffe or Duke anymore..!

So, basically, I'm going to live in a nunnery throughout my entire adolescence.
And I don't want to meet a farmer at Durham anymore - I just want to see my sister!

So, life is at a "peak" as Bromley chavs would say (if you're not in tune with the lingo I'll briefly explain - 'peak' means low-point <-- aware it doesn't make sense AT ALL)

Oh well, at least the friends and fam side of life is gut!
But I need to get down and study-udy-udy since I literally have done no work all week since I'm ill!!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Gut day my chums :')

I am rather aware that I haven't written in a while but I've been so dayum busy with work etc... And also, I'm just constantly daydreaming. 
Example: yesterday I went to the cinema and I walked into (as in there was a bump) a really cute guy. Then there was the awkward side shuffle around each other. Needless to say, I'm just totally out of it these days.
Mostly my mind has been occupied thinking about Durham. However, I won't lie, Prince has been on my mind quite a lot. Today I went to his house and he was there and he's beautiful and lovely.
BUT he's really shy, and I don't know what to say to him when all the fam is there. True, I do need to ask him out at some point but WHEN?!
I realised this absolute necessity to ask him out today when his Ma was talking about America and all the different states he might go to. Not going to lie I felt like crying.
However, there is a silver lining: he's not going until NEXT YEAR SEPTEMBER!!!! Woooooo :D :D
Having said this, I really really really really really really want to go to Prom with him (aware how American that sounds - but I think it would be the perfect place for us to connect) 
So I'm just praying that he's ask me, even though I know it's more likely that I will win £1000 on these scratch-cards I keep buying (needless to say I haven't won once).
Also, I think I may have a shopping problem. See, I'm a magazine addict. Literally. For Valentine's Day this year I hoped someone would buy me February Vogue. And I gave up collecting them...until today. It was just sitting there in its glossiness. Calling to me. Needless to say I'm now £4.10 poorer.

I'm really uncomfortable at the moment. Aware this is rather random but I'm literally itchy all over my legs and neck since I've just been on my trampoline with my little cousin, dressed as a slut. I can justify this: I believe that when a girl is having a Boy Dilemma the best thing she can do is stick on a low-cut top and wear the shortest shorts she owns. Hence why I look like a prostitute.
Little did I know there were all those little fly things that bite you. Stupid little buggers. GAAAAAAAAAAA 

Now, I'm a little worried. See, I believe that when one area (or more) of your life goes really well another part falls to shit - but other than my non-existent love life I think everything is OK (at the moment).

For anyone out there who wants a Knight Update be prepared to be blown away *SARCASM*
He didn't reply to any of my messages. So I've moved on from him now. I no longer think about him - obviously I regret the bad timing of our whole relationship, but everything happens for a reason - I'm one of the few out there that still believes in fate, and we weren't meant to be!

I have to do some sort of work now..!
Grammar Gal

Friday, 9 March 2012

Durham, oh Durham - the town of beautiful farmers...

I'm still cautious about the Prince situation - I posted on his wall and hoped he's message back on Facebook so we could get to talking. I had no such luck. Maybe, therefore, he has moved on/never fancied me in the first place/realised America is more important.
To all you Americans out there: you've gained an amazing person, who's a fabulous goalie and general "hottie". I'm obviously not all...

I have come to a point in my adolescent life where I've realised I constantly have boys on my brain.

On a completely separate note, on Friday I'm leaving to Durham to see my sister who's up north studying in uni. She has a lovely group of friends, like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and I'm meeting the gang when I go.
Then we're going to some club (it's the worst in the country - it's called 'klute') which shall be fun and I literally cannot wait!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll meet a farmer boy. You know what, I think everybody should have aims in life - goals for their lives. Mine are naturally for happiness and great friends, but I have another rather random list too:

1. Snog an alphabet of boys (so, snog an Adam, a Ben, a Charlie, a Dan... a Xavier - you get the picture!)
2. Snog at least one boy from each different continent (Europe, Asia, America...)
3. Date a farmer.
4. Date a cowboy.

Yes, these may seem trivial but I am determined to fulfil them within my university life when I'm older. But maybe I'll be able to at least meet a guy who could qualify for number 3 when I go to Durham..?!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'll Go Wherever You Will Go (except America - that's way too far!) D:

OK, I may have told a teeny weeny lie; it wasn't 100% confirmed that Prince was going to America but I just assumed he was. And I was right. He got confirmation today.
And now I know - that I want to go out with him. It's sad but it's true - having the limited timespan on a relationship makes it far more exciting and 7 months is totally long enough.
But now what do I do, now I know I want to date him? And, rest assured, I do want to be his girlfriend - we've been through so much as teenagers and it would be wrong for him to go off for FOUR YEARS without us having a goodbye snog, right?!
I know he won't make the first move and his Ma told my Ma he'd say 'yes' if I asked him out (albeit this was before he got accepted to go to AMERICA where there will be trillions of leggy blondes who will find his accent adorable and his mannerisms cute *cries*)

I just need to think of how to ask him out...
A. Say it stright - "I've always thought you were fit and funny and since you're going to America for four years maybe it would be a good idea to try going on a date before it's too late..?"
B. Hint it: "So, my P.E. teacher was being completely rude today and told me I am very unfit and has urged me to get some exercise - remember that walk we did through Hayes ages ago, can you take me on that again? (I get lost easily!) "
C. Don't say anything and just let him leave. But I don't want to! I want to try us out first!

Which one?! I've posted on his wall congratulations but it will be beyond awk if he doesn't reply!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

P.S. Today I had a History controlled assessment task thing and I basically have 2 more lessons to finish my 8-paragraph essay. I'm on paragraph 3 at the moment. Needless to say I cried my eyes out and all the people at the bus stop stared at me, the man in the shop asked me if I was OK twice and only when I got home did I realise that my eyeliner was smudged down my face.

P.P.S. Prince's shower is broken so he's meant to be using mine tomorrow. Maybe walking in on him wearing a towel would break the ice.. ;)

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Pride and Prejudice fail

It's ridiculous. I feel like I'm from the 19th century or something - since I don't have Prince's number and we don't communicate via Facebook, the only times we see each other are when we meet up with the fam (my parents have 'co-incidentally' increased the number of these meetings) and this is where he is supposed to 'court' me, if you like.
However, it fails disastrously. He either
A. Stays in his bedroom.
B. Averts eye contact.
C. Doesn't come with his fam to see my fam - e.g. tonight they are meant to be coming round and e-v-e-r-y-b--d-y- except him is coming.

I'm feeling that I should be insulted by his reluctance to see me, and I could encourage him further. However, I don't want to lead him on and then turn him down! I think I've learnt from my mistakes there..!

So, let's just pray he comes tonight (:

ALSO, very awkward Knight situation.
Brace yourself.

I finally got the guts to message him to meet up (I do want to see him and I do want the T-shirt he bought for me from San Francisco) and the time that I sent it co-incidentally was the time he was with his girlfriend (there were pics that came up on my News Feed at the same time). Needless to say, he came online, saw my message and then didn't reply.


So, life is just Fan-firckin-tastic :')

Saturday, 3 March 2012


OK, It's just too exciting for words.
Right. Clear head. Breathe.
I think I fancy Prince again.
True, there's always going to be a part of me that loves Knight but I don't see us ever going out since he blatantly doesn't see me that way. But, maybe I'm not in love with him anymore..?
Who am I kidding? I'm always going to love him but we won't work out - he's cool, I'm not. Simple as!

But Prince is giving me butterflies. True, it's not exactly LOVE - I mean, I don't feel like I want to talk to him constantly, nor do I pine over him with Whitney Houston.
But surely this type of love isn't good for you?
The best type of love is the one where you can feel butterflies and you take ages glamming yourself up just for a brief encounter. This is how I feel about Prince.

And now I know my answer. If he asks me out, I'll accept. He doesn't have to dominate my life, and I could double date with Yoyo. He's gorgeous and cute and makes me feel like marshmallow.

Therefore the cycle is broken! See, both Awesome and my sister have a theory that I only fancy boys when they don't fancy me, even though I know this isn't totally true. Well, now there's a boy who I fancy and there's a possibility he fancies me too [but, take note, I fancy him - but it's not as deep as what I feel/felt for X]

But I don't even think he's going to ask me out - I mean there's been all these hints, but he's not actually asked me. I've just got back from his house and he was really quiet today - he didn't talk to me once! My parents say he's apparently embarrassed but we shouldn't rule out the possibility that he
A. Never said anything about me in the first place
B. Has changed his mind and now feels awkward.

I would feel bad, though, if I went out with one boy and was still in love with another one. I know that certain people [Awesome] would judge me if that be the case, and they are totally right to. It just feels...wrong.
But my Knight has chosen another Damsel in Distress to rescue, and no matter how much my mother analyses the situation (saying he doesn't really love her) it's time to face facts: you don't go out with a person unless you fancy/love them. Simple as. So he really is besotted.

But I do really and genuinely like Prince.

He's just not Knight. True, Prince pays for the meal (just as Knight used to) and they're both dreamy-looking. But Knight was the first person that I truly fell for and I love everything about him. And I realised too late.

A tardis would be really handy, like, now.

Friday, 2 March 2012's an addiction?

Oh God. Am surrounded by empty Red Bull cans everywhere.
It's 22:56 and I have been doing Physics revision (a.k.a. learning new things that my so-called teacher has "taught" ) literally for hours.
I'm tired and exhausted and emotionally drained. From revising. From a textbook.
See?! If I'm drained from revising then how could I juggle being in a relationship right now (I mean, summer is a totally different matter..!)?
The effort of having to write them a sonnet every week or whatever it is that one does to fill one's time with one's boyfriend... It would just be insane.

Then again, I really am not sure about the whole Prince thing - our relationship would be so simple and perfect! Albeit there would not be much chemistry...
OK, I've decided not to do anything because
A. He hasn't asked me out so I'm being a bit forward in planning my answer based on hearsay from my mother
B. We've not spoken over 12 sentences to each other over our friendship (OK, that sounds like I know the exact number, but I don't OK! I wasn't that obsessed with him!!) and
C. I am far too busy with exams right now to be obsessed with any guy except for Pythagoras.

Sorted. Now I must sleep or I will literally fall asleep on my keyboard...