Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pretty couples...

I've come to the conclusion that prettiness is wasted on pretty people. This isn't just girls - but boys, too. They walk around the world, aware of the effect they have on everyone else in their presence and.... Yes, that was a sigh of jealousy that just escaped my lips.
But there was a reason for this rant (as there always is).

Whenever I walk down the High Street I cannot help but notice all of the cute couples touching ruffling each other's hair or holding hands. This, in fact, is very cute. If not a teeny bit sickening if you're in a bad mood. But, on the whole, it's cute and these adorable couples are acceptable to me.

But what really bugs me is when I go shopping and there is inevitably a long line of boys sitting down in those hard wooden chairs in the shops, dutifully waiting for their gorgeous but high-maintenance girlfriends to finish trying on their multitudes of outfits. Poor lads!

If I was one of those 'pretty gals' who has guys swooning I would never ever take him shopping (why would you both want to endure torture) so, I argue, that prettiness is wasted on these pretty people.

Next point of discussion is the whole Dinner Complex. I also saw loads of couples eating dinner together today and I'll admit that this is rather cute, too. I am aware that I seem like a jealous stalker - but there's something about springtime which brings out all of the couples from their winter hibernation and makes them all unavoidable. So, anyway, the Diner Complex - why is it that boys always pay? OK, this is an Umbrella Statement since sometimes the girl pays 50/50. But, from my experience at least, the guy always offers to pay. Are we too weak to pay our way or something? The mind boggles. But I'm not a feminist and, not going to lie, I'd just let the guy pay. It's just curious to see that guys believe this is a romantic gesture when it's actually slightly insulting.

Thus ends my random questions which have been in my head today.

Random fact about my day: Today I saw Afro in the corridor. He is, admittedly, looking fine. Damn him.

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