Sunday, 30 October 2011

Au revoir - but before I go I have something to confess...

Right, tomorrow I leave for France and to say I'm shit-scared is the BIGGEST understatement of the century. Tonight has been MANIC - I forgot my coat at school and had to drive there and run for my life, whilst casually bumping into 2 of my teachers and passing by in awkward you do...
So, the exchange starts tomorrow. GAAAAAAAA this means I need to actually be friends with the popular girls in my school for a week (!) which will be good, because I judge popular/beautiful girls way too quickly and take an instant dislike to them, so being stuck with a group of them for 7 days should sort me out.
OK, now that's off my chest I have a confession to make. I think I have a crush on Duke. Don't get me wrong I still love Knight - although I just texted him that I've packed and he said "where are you going?" when I have told him in detail about my visit to France. I think that the Knight is attractive because he's older and cooler and just really funny. Whereas, Duke is my age and really sweet and open. They're both brilliant guys. Dammit.
I know, I know, what on EARTH is wrong with me?! I have spent all of my adolescence so far looking for the perfect guy and he staggers into my life (the Knight in Shiny Abercrombie and Fitch) and now I'm not sure about him. This is like that God-awful book "Angus, Thongs..." where she finds her Sex God and then decides he's a bit naff and moves on. Oh my lord, what if I turn into that annoying character?! What was her name...Georgia, that's it! Well, if that does happen and I start saying things like "fabbity fab with knobs on" then it's official: I have lost it.
Keep you posted [well, I'll let you know how Paris goes],
Grammar Gal 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My never-ending cycle of boy-girl friendships

Boys are great to have as friends. I know, I know, many people often say this. There are some people who say this and try to be cool, as if having guy friends makes them "tomboy" or something. Then there are those who realise that having boys as friends is awesome. I fall into the second category.
Although, I must admit, I have no idea what it is about having guy friends that is so exciting and brilliant. In fact, a lot of feelings get hurt when there are boy-girl friendships. Today, whilst waiting for my bus, I saw Y talking with a girl I don't particularly like, so I didn't go over. Then this other boy ('Duke') who used to be a close friend of mine (until the unevitable happened - more on that in a minute) came over and we had a really really nice, funny, light-hearted conversation. 
Then Y, seeing this, gave me a look of utmost hurt. I don't understand boys sometimes - Y knows for an absolute fact that I'm not interesting (I've told him about Knight). I think I may have a flirtatious manner, though. Because today, whilst talking to Duke I PUT MY HAND on his ARM which is major flirting in anyone's books. And I laughed at ALL his jokes (although, I'll admit, they were actually funny).
I think girls like boy mates because they are so easy-going, you have a laugh and often they are better listeners than girls (I find that girls are more self-centred - not necessarily selfish though - than boys). Today, Duke and I had a 20 minute conversation about each other's lives (friends, birthdays, events, AS level choices) and it felt good to have such an open and chatty conversation. 
Also, I saw this guy ('Oldie') who went to my primary school, who asked me loads of questions about Duke tonight (how I know him etc..). Maybe I'm looking into this too much, but is this jealousy of some kind?!
This brings me onto my next point: the unevitable cycle of boy-girl relationships. As I was saying, everything in the garden is rosy for a while and you get on really well. Then the boy may think you're being flirtatious and so he confidently asks you out, when you reject him (not feeling the same way) you don't talk to him for a few months/years and then suddenly you start randomly chatting again. And so the cycle continues: Friends-->Perceived flirtation--> Asking out--> Rejection-->Separation-->Randomly talking together-->Perceived flirtation etc etc...
And that's why I think there's a rule that boys and girls can't be best friends without there being feelings in the mixture. 
Then again I may be speaking utter rubbish (which wouldn't be a first)...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

To be blonde or not to be blonde: That is the question

The other day I read a magazine article that said "Only blondes can ever achieve sex appeal". Being a natural brunette myself I am rather offended by that! I mean, it can't be true, can it? Look at Audrey Hepburn and Megan Fox (a pair that I never thought would be mentioned in the same sentence...) - they were/are both beautiful and also brunette - and I swear that Megan Fox was voted Sexiest Woman in the world or something. Take that stupid magazine article!
However, there may be some sort of truth in it. For example, I was reading a magazine the other day and it was talking about some designer or something and the article started with "Blonde, beautiful and talented - who could ask for more?" which shows that her being blonde is a good quality. With beautiful people like Keira Knightley, their brown hair is never complimented! 
It might be something to do with the American influence on our society. If all we see on TV are sit-coms about beautiful blonde cheerleaders then this is obviously going to be how we want to look. 
The other day I was watching Daybreak (not as good as GMTV I have to admit) and there was this woman on there whose hairdresser dyed her hair blonde and it went really wrong - falling out etc.. Ever since that day, I've been turned off the idea of dying my whole head blonde (besides I HATE change and I would probably cry when I did not wake up to a mass of my brown hair in my face) but I'm considering getting caramel highlights or something to spice things up. ALL of my friends are brunette and I really want to try a change, so wish me luck!