Friday, 19 August 2011

Convent girl

My school is a "selective grammar school for girls". It sounds bad, but in truth it is terrible. Academically, it's fantastic. Seriously - it's the kind of school where a B would earn you a "Nice try" from your friends. But socially - it's a disaster.
The school tells you that they want you to have a balanced life, yet they want A*s too - you can either have one or the other. For 5 years of my life I have chosen the A*s route, but now I'm curious for the other. I mean, I'm starting to get something that resembles a social life: I meet up with my mates every weekend and X and I meet up a lot, too. But this means I can't study, which means I'm "going on a downward spiral" as my friend so kindly put it. 
The title of this blog entry is "Convent girl" because that's what my school's like: a convent. Here's a scary statistic: 9/10 people leave my school and join a nunnery. OK, I made that up but it could easily be true! The point is, I can't go out with X because I have too much work to do (how pathetic is that!). It's a serious dilemna: not only for me, but for all the girls in my school.  Due to the fact we've had such limited social lives while in our adolescent years, many of us Grammar girls could grow up to be Call girls (top end ones of course - after all, it is a grammar school..)!
It's not that I hate my school: it's just that in American shows I watch the people are always socialising and able to go out, but I'm going to be stuck inside revising for GCSEs for practically all of my adolescence. You know what, it wouldn't surprise me if my Knight in Abercrombie and Fitch (a.k.a. X) runs off with some girl who CAN have a social life. GRRRRRRRRRR.
 Keep you poster,
Grammar gal