Monday, 28 November 2011

Obsessions with vintage

Some people are obsessed with vintage because it's a new craze. These people have those owl necklaces and pause outside charity shops. I've been obsessed with anything vintage or retro for over a year now, but yet I am regularly accused of being "wannabe hipster" even though it's not an act. My obsession with vintage oddly started when I read the Gossip Girl novels, where my favourite character Blair is constantly wondering "What would Audrey Hepburn do?" and this inspired me to research her and buy one of her films, Breakfast at Tiffany's (which, incidentally, is now my all-time favourite film). Then I became obsessed with all things 60s: including the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe. Around the same time as this obsession, my dad introduced me to our record player. I instantly fell in love. Sure, it's a little dusty, but I became obsessed with playing his old records on in.
One day, my dad took me down the road to the retro records shops and it was paradise: I bought 4 records out straight ("Let's Twist Again" and "Daydream Believer" being my favourites). Around this time I also started listening to the Beach Boys with my sister, and to this day I love them!
My real obsession with vintage was then intensified when I watched 500 Days of Summer, because Summer (the main character) is so quirky and different, that I decided I wanted to be like her, too. Hence, I went on Amazon UK and typed in one word: vintage. Hundreds of items were displayed, and I bought a few of them (a necklace with a 60s edition of Vogue on it being one of them) and that brings us to where I am today. 
There are "haters" of people like me - those who love spending hours in charity shops looking for books and clothes. These people genuinely believe that I am faking what I do - that I'm trying to be "indie" or "hipster". This really isn't the case. I freely admit that One Direction are fit, I listen to Beyonce and I shop at Topshop.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

When your [boy] best friend is snog-worthy

Yes, I'm talking about Knight thankyou very much! Last night he FINALLY texted me back...not going to lie I think I teleopathically made him text me...
Today's just been one of them days - two of my best mates have told me that I'm stringing along Knight by meeting up with him on romantic dates. Part of me knows that they are right, but the other part of me is so selfish and just wants to keep him in my life. You see, I love him. It's as simple as that. I speak to him every day for at least 2 hours and I love him: his cute grey jean jacket, his smile, his curly hair, his failed badassness... And I'm not 100% if I'm IN love with him (some days like today I fancy the pants off him, but other days I just see him as a best friend) but I know I couldn't deal without him in my life. 
I guess it's hard for me to hear my friends tell me to ditch him because he has been my best friend for two years, in a time where I had isolated myself at school he was always there for me, texting me support and stuff...
Thinking about it, I think I've been in love with him for quite some time now. But I get so nervous about seeing him! I literally try on everything in my cupboard and then, once I've found an OK outfit, I will inevitibly spill something down it. Because I'm an idiot.
Then again, I don't want to string him along. He should have his freedom, but I am worried that he'll just get over me and brush away our 2-year friendship. 
Gaaaa. See, this is the sort of life lesson that our grammar school should teach us about. I can safely say that I will never have to solve a quadratic equation after my GCSEs are over, whereas solving boys and men will always be an unsolved mystery to all us grammar gals out there.
Keep you posted

Friday, 25 November 2011

I ain't no housewife

I'm done. I am done with checking my phone every 2 minutes and reloading my facebook wall. I'm done with checking Knight's Facebook and finding pictures of him with an array of girls. I'm done with not understanding what goes on in that head of his. I want to go out with him, and two weeks ago he felt the same way, but something has definitely changed.
I feel like his bloody housewife, refusing other people, waiting on his beck and call for a text from him. It's gotten to the dire stage where I have put 141 in front of his number, called him and then hung up just to check his phone works. We all do that...right?? 
What I need right now is...God I don't know what I need. I need to clear my head. My exams are over which is great but I've just been given a bombshell: my first real crush (this boy, Prince) is basically going to move to America - there's a possibility he's going to get a football scholarship. I don't know why this upsets me. I guess I've always wanted to get close to him but I've never known how to start. 
So what I need friends I think. I need to go shopping as planned with my friends tomorrow. And I need a party - my friend Awesome agreed to help me if we follow through. I need an excuse to drunk call Knight and tell him that I love him and that I always have an always will. OK I'm dramatic, but you get the jist...
So maybe I'm not done with him, but I'm done with moping around after him.
From now on I've got a plan: a plan to grab the man.
Keep you posted
Grammar Gal

Monday, 21 November 2011

An Infatuation with Mr Robinson..

I blame my education for a lot of things. I blame it for not teaching me how to handle my mentally unstable teachers and not giving me any real interaction with boys (unless you include sweaty year 8 discos - which I don't). The only interaction I have now with boys is that I see The Rat Pack from a distance: that's the name I've decided to give to the group of good-looking boys in my school's sixth form. If anyone out there is clueless as to why they are the "Rat Pack" it's not because they resemble vermin, but it's because they resemble the beauty of the  60s Rat Pack of Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra, Deam Martin and in my dreams I'd be their Marilyn Monroe..! Let's get back to real life. In real life the only interaction I have with boys is with male teachers. This has led, for me, to what some may call a "Daddy Dilemna" but which I find a creepy name, so let's call it "Problem: Mr Robinson". Basically, I am and have been for a few year now, mildly atracted to men double my age - this includes certain teachers and celebrities (the latest infatuation is Tom Cruise) and it's an uncurable disease! 
On more relevant information, I have a date with Mr Knight next weekend but I think he's being distant with me...Just when I was about to ask him...Oh never mind..
Grammar Gal

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just a tad obsessed...

OK...I need to talk to Knight. It's gotten to the point where I'm over-analysing that kiss and the comments below. It seems like he had sex with her, and then brushed her off. This doesn't sound like him at all. But people change. I need him to just TELL me goddammit, not that I'm entitled to know, HE.HASNT.DONE.ANYTHING.WRONG, as my friend "Awesome" constantly reminds me. God, this is bugging me.
Well, either way it's bad: he either had sex with her and brushed her of, or he wanted to have sex with her and failed. Brush it off!!!!
Today, Afro said Good morning to me - highlight of my life  at the moment :')
Well Knight and I need to talk - but I still fancy the pants off him...This is what I would call a dilemna...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

No point starting a new post for the information I am about to divulge: Yes, Knight kissed her but he was "peer pressured" into doing it and people are "exaggerating" what they did. Well, not gonna lie, I feel comforted. I also feel pretty meh - it's like I don't care anymore, let's move on...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Yes I know what you're thinking but...he has an afro

I know I know: there's Knight who I am eternally in love with (after all, he is my Knight in Abercrombie in Fitch) but, after he's snogged that girl, my eye has been wondering around, looking for a Knight in Shiny Armani. As of yet, there's been a few guys who have caught my eye: I saw Duke again and OH MY he is such a babe! He's funny, open and I feel the weirdest urge to kiss him when I see him... Moving on...Then there is a whole new guy who we shall call Afro - because he has an afro, which is super fun to put your hands through - especially when you're wasted.
Looking back at my blog entries I'm not sure if I've mentioned my two nights of wildness: on my 16th birthday my mates organised a surprise party which was AMAZING, just girls dancing and drinking simultaneously, a really fun night.
The next night was my mate's party - with boys there too. I can't be trusted with the opposite sex - I flirted with a guy so much (sitting on his lap..) that he asked me outstraight if I would consider having sex with him...awk... Anyway, I was sitting on Afro's lap and running my fingers through his majorly epic hair when I realised that we were both very drunk and, in that moment, I quite fancied him. Then he told me he would say hi to me at school (he's a sixth former at my all girls school). 
I didn't believe he's actually do it, so when I was graced with his manly smell and prescense it was such a surprise for him to hug me - in front of WITNESSES :O My heart now goes really fast around him.. Oh dear... I think he has a girlfriend (although it doesn't say so on his facebook profile - he just told me whilst I was sitting on his lap - it's twisted logi, I know) 
So, I am a fail of a human. Knight in A+F is a babe - once, when I was drunk in France I texted him "Alcohol is a beautiful thing" and he texted back "So are you, but don't have too much and don't do anything dumb". That was the moment I knew I LOVE this boy :') I want to marry him and live in Chelsea amongst the crew of Made In Chelsea, which is on soon-ish and I really need to do some work since I have useless mocks coming up...Fan-fricking-tastic :D
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Knight is no longer perfect...methinks it's my fault...

Knight FINALLY came back from Africa the other day and my friend and I were stalking his pictures (as you do) when we came across one of him snogging some girl. Yes, you may have just had a mini-heart attack like I did.
Good news: He looks like a pretty good kisser, I mean the girl seems to be enjoying it..
Bad news: Oh yeah, he's kissing another girl a week after telling me he loves me. 
So, I went to school and told my friends about it and they all pointed out the obvious: it's not his fault. How is he to blame?? He's been waiting for me for what must be 2 years now and although I have said "I love you" I haven't let him know that I'm no longer speaking platonically. This makes me feel like crap. it's basically my fault that he went and snogged some stranger - I practically pushed him on her.
Besides, when I went to France I fancied that guy I saw there. Then again, I refused to snog him. I think there's something about a kiss that's WAY more personal than sitting on their lap or hugging them. I;m just really confused. Knight still hasn't told me about it. We should really have a talk about "where we are" but it could either:
a. Ruin our friendship.
b. Make him assume we are boyfriend and girlfriend.
Look, it's confuddling. See, I want to go out with him, but I don't want to label him as my boyfriend..
ALSO, Y just randomly asked if we're still on for cinema (awk) and I told him sure, but I'm seeing my boyfriend this weekend. Then he rants at how I'm playing/using him. It's like: No, we both knew this was a friends thing..
At the moment, Knight still hasn't let it spill about what he got up to so I'm asking some pretty stalker-ish qs:
- Did you meet any new people?
- Did they treat you nicely? (this is the weirdest one)
Maybe I should just ask him if he stuck his tongue down anyone's throat? 
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Don’t forget about the Giraffe...

If I’m honest, I had forgotten all about the Giraffe until today. I had forgotten how he made me laugh, how he teased me relentlessly and how much I admired him for being so weird and different. Tonight, whilst talking to Duke (who is so cute, and who I told about the house party experience), Giraffe turned up and we had a three-way awkward conversation about the weather/school stress/what bus we are taking. Then tragedy struck as Duke walked away and I was left with Giraffe. Why was this awkward?! Well, I haven’t talked to Giraffe since we were in year 9 and I was helplessly in love (or “in lust” as my friend would say – i.e. it wasn’t actual love but I wanted to go out with him, and with my commitment issues that’s a big thing!) with him, but he found me too mainstream and after a few months of OK-friendship, he shrugged me off like an oversized sweatshirt. From that moment on I deemed him to be a bastard. Until the bugger charmed me into taking it back today. We started talking about how long it’s been, and what we’ve been up to in the holidays. He told me that he watched Paranormal Activity 3 and found it really scary and I idiotically agreed and told him that I found it so scary that I turned my TV off. His reply was obviously “Oh, was it a pirate? I mean you can’t turn off the cinema” BUGGGER!! I didn’t want him to think I was a pirate-junkie or something – I am proud to buy my films off of Amazon! So I had to lie my arse off and say I was talking about Paranormal Activity 2 (when in actual fact I have never sat through anything remotely similar to a horror film in my life – unless you count Men In Black, which I don’t because I spent the entirety of the film ogling at the beauty of Will Smith). When we got on the bus I saw a girl who I used to be friends with in Year 7-8 and, don’t ask me why, but I felt a sense of glee and superiority to be seen with Giraffe (he’s quite popular really). ALSO, his voice now has a husky twang to it which is so adorable (albeit he probably just has a cold) and he was really nice and funny today – not how I remember him, a.k.a. a cocky/sarcastic/moody numpty. Although, his appalling hearing is still the same (it comes from the heavy metal crap he listens to which is beating up his eardrums) and all of my inputs to the conversation had to be repeated...
-I am quite proud of myself that I can be around all these boys (Duke, Giraffe) and not feel anything towards them because I miss my Knight in Shiny Abercrombie and Fitch, who incidentally is in Africa at the moment, helping out at an orphanage. Obviously that’s really cute, but I really miss my phone telling me I have a text from him and I find myself listening to classic Magic FM records (i.e. “Need you Now” Lady Antebellum – I still stand by that this is an epic song). He just needs to return home. Now.
C’est la vie, it’s my birthday on Friday! Oh this randomly reminds me of the fact that I recently (brace yourself) had my hair highlighted! Although, don’t get too excited because you can barely see them. Literally, my Dad didn’t notice a difference. Well that’s men for you! Well, I’m having it re-done on Saturday free of charge (that awkward moment when your hairdresser says “I’m so so sorry about your hair!” Not going to like I felt like I was in safe hands...) and we’re apparently putting platinum blonde in there. Obviously shall not go horribly wrong or, even worst, get “interesting”...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

Monday, 7 November 2011

It’s been a while! France was awesome and crap at the same time. It was awesome because my exchange was lovely, and I went on my first Quest, had my first drunken experience and talked to one of the most popular girls in my school without wanting to cry (most of the time..). Well, actually, that’s a lie – she made the trip crap (and you’ll never guess who I sat next to on the Eurostar home...) because she outshined me in every possible way and...we’ll get to that in a minute.
Quest for a Social Life No.1: Foreign House Party.
Yes, you read that right. I swapped my Maths for Malibu at a stranger’s house and it was amazing! I was with a really popular girl who is stunning and blonde and beautiful and makes every boy she meets fall in love with her (literally – except for the mingers, they all settled for me – yay...)and we shall call her S, like Serena from the Gossip Girl books, because that’s what she is. She’s beautiful and she knows it – I know that’s not a reason to hate someone and I don’t hate her as such but I do strongly dislike her. We were walking down the street one day and I was standing 2 metres away from her and this old guy stoppedat stared at me (which was creepy and also bewildering – since I looked like a mess and I remember wondering why he wasn’t looking at S) and she, alter on, told everyone how scared she had been for her life and how she hates it when people stare at her (no joke, she said them exact words-  as if it happens all the fracking time). I’m going off topic. We were at this party, I thought I looked pretty OK until I saw her, so effortlessly cool in her outfit and turning heads. I was completely Off-My-Face and I thought most of the boys in the room were wildly attractive, but there was one in particular. “Strip” shall be his nickname because he did just that to the song “I’m sexy and I know it” but ‘Sexy’ is probably a better nickname for him. He was 1000% my type: a boxer who doesn’t drink and takes care of girls – albeit he’s not afraid to hit one [he playfully hit me]. I became infatuated with him and began to glow with glee when he pushed me on the swing and asked if I was OK, as well as protecting me from the Minger who kept stalking me to the toilets and talking incessantly about Bob Dylan (who I mistook for Bob Marley and started rambling on about how much I love the song “No Woman No Cry”...). But, alas, Strip was in love with S – literally infatuated. The day we came home he messaged her on Facebook, telling her how much he loves her. Not fair at all!! She doesn’t remotely like him! Must calm myself – I’m in love with Knight after all. Before collapsing in S’ room from the amount of alcohol I had consumed I decided to drunk call my beau. My beau (Knight) is away at the moment in Tansania and I thought this was in Greece at the time of me making the longest call ever. Oh, no. It’s in fracking Africa. So my phone bill is now as long as S’s legs and I’m going to die!! Well, anyway, he was very sweet from what I remember and was coaching me on how to stay sober and he’s such a babe in general (he kept repeatedly asking me if anyone has touched me and he spoke very firmly and defensively). I think that every drunk girl should have a Knight.