Monday, 28 November 2011

Obsessions with vintage

Some people are obsessed with vintage because it's a new craze. These people have those owl necklaces and pause outside charity shops. I've been obsessed with anything vintage or retro for over a year now, but yet I am regularly accused of being "wannabe hipster" even though it's not an act. My obsession with vintage oddly started when I read the Gossip Girl novels, where my favourite character Blair is constantly wondering "What would Audrey Hepburn do?" and this inspired me to research her and buy one of her films, Breakfast at Tiffany's (which, incidentally, is now my all-time favourite film). Then I became obsessed with all things 60s: including the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe. Around the same time as this obsession, my dad introduced me to our record player. I instantly fell in love. Sure, it's a little dusty, but I became obsessed with playing his old records on in.
One day, my dad took me down the road to the retro records shops and it was paradise: I bought 4 records out straight ("Let's Twist Again" and "Daydream Believer" being my favourites). Around this time I also started listening to the Beach Boys with my sister, and to this day I love them!
My real obsession with vintage was then intensified when I watched 500 Days of Summer, because Summer (the main character) is so quirky and different, that I decided I wanted to be like her, too. Hence, I went on Amazon UK and typed in one word: vintage. Hundreds of items were displayed, and I bought a few of them (a necklace with a 60s edition of Vogue on it being one of them) and that brings us to where I am today. 
There are "haters" of people like me - those who love spending hours in charity shops looking for books and clothes. These people genuinely believe that I am faking what I do - that I'm trying to be "indie" or "hipster". This really isn't the case. I freely admit that One Direction are fit, I listen to Beyonce and I shop at Topshop.

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