Sunday, 4 December 2011


This morning I awoke with a knotting feeling in the pit of my stomach (as I always do when I am going to see Knight) and I got myself ready; this consisted of trying on everything in my wardrobe (twice) before finally deciding on some casual blue jeans and a grey top, which looked as if I'd just flung them on. Perfect. I was getting all ready and turned on my phone to check for any messages. I have messages from my friend Awesome and some other people and then one from Knight "So sorry can't make it". All of that effort for nothing. What a bastard. I had his present all ready for him to open (albeit it would have been awkward when he handed over the nothing-ness that he bought me) and he just stood me up!! A couple of days ago I described this creature as my best friend, but now I'm just...disappointed? 
I feel like I put loads of energy into making this friendship work and ever since Tanzania he's been really distant. Fuck him (not literally, of course). I'm going to be cold and distant and maybe then he will get the picture that I'm not available for his beck and call. Goddammit I have a life, too! He shouldn't keep swanning off with these random girls from private schools and leave me, Grammar Gal, totally stranded,
God I'm sick of him. If I ever speak pleasantly of this manscum again then someone needs to slap me. Yes, I am aware that I am overreacting to this ever-so-slightly but I'm just so sick of him. I feel like we need a break from this fucked-up friendship..
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

P.S. Need to make an ammendment: in an earlier blog I said that I was going to host a New Year's Eve Party so I could call Knight in a drunken state and blubber pathetically. That wasn't the SOLE aim of the party... I just want  the party because it will be fun and my friends are awesome (:

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