Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Knight is no longer perfect...methinks it's my fault...

Knight FINALLY came back from Africa the other day and my friend and I were stalking his pictures (as you do) when we came across one of him snogging some girl. Yes, you may have just had a mini-heart attack like I did.
Good news: He looks like a pretty good kisser, I mean the girl seems to be enjoying it..
Bad news: Oh yeah, he's kissing another girl a week after telling me he loves me. 
So, I went to school and told my friends about it and they all pointed out the obvious: it's not his fault. How is he to blame?? He's been waiting for me for what must be 2 years now and although I have said "I love you" I haven't let him know that I'm no longer speaking platonically. This makes me feel like crap. it's basically my fault that he went and snogged some stranger - I practically pushed him on her.
Besides, when I went to France I fancied that guy I saw there. Then again, I refused to snog him. I think there's something about a kiss that's WAY more personal than sitting on their lap or hugging them. I;m just really confused. Knight still hasn't told me about it. We should really have a talk about "where we are" but it could either:
a. Ruin our friendship.
b. Make him assume we are boyfriend and girlfriend.
Look, it's confuddling. See, I want to go out with him, but I don't want to label him as my boyfriend..
ALSO, Y just randomly asked if we're still on for cinema (awk) and I told him sure, but I'm seeing my boyfriend this weekend. Then he rants at how I'm playing/using him. It's like: No, we both knew this was a friends thing..
At the moment, Knight still hasn't let it spill about what he got up to so I'm asking some pretty stalker-ish qs:
- Did you meet any new people?
- Did they treat you nicely? (this is the weirdest one)
Maybe I should just ask him if he stuck his tongue down anyone's throat? 
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal 

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