Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Yes I know what you're thinking but...he has an afro

I know I know: there's Knight who I am eternally in love with (after all, he is my Knight in Abercrombie in Fitch) but, after he's snogged that girl, my eye has been wondering around, looking for a Knight in Shiny Armani. As of yet, there's been a few guys who have caught my eye: I saw Duke again and OH MY he is such a babe! He's funny, open and I feel the weirdest urge to kiss him when I see him... Moving on...Then there is a whole new guy who we shall call Afro - because he has an afro, which is super fun to put your hands through - especially when you're wasted.
Looking back at my blog entries I'm not sure if I've mentioned my two nights of wildness: on my 16th birthday my mates organised a surprise party which was AMAZING, just girls dancing and drinking simultaneously, a really fun night.
The next night was my mate's party - with boys there too. I can't be trusted with the opposite sex - I flirted with a guy so much (sitting on his lap..) that he asked me outstraight if I would consider having sex with him...awk... Anyway, I was sitting on Afro's lap and running my fingers through his majorly epic hair when I realised that we were both very drunk and, in that moment, I quite fancied him. Then he told me he would say hi to me at school (he's a sixth former at my all girls school). 
I didn't believe he's actually do it, so when I was graced with his manly smell and prescense it was such a surprise for him to hug me - in front of WITNESSES :O My heart now goes really fast around him.. Oh dear... I think he has a girlfriend (although it doesn't say so on his facebook profile - he just told me whilst I was sitting on his lap - it's twisted logi, I know) 
So, I am a fail of a human. Knight in A+F is a babe - once, when I was drunk in France I texted him "Alcohol is a beautiful thing" and he texted back "So are you, but don't have too much and don't do anything dumb". That was the moment I knew I LOVE this boy :') I want to marry him and live in Chelsea amongst the crew of Made In Chelsea, which is on soon-ish and I really need to do some work since I have useless mocks coming up...Fan-fricking-tastic :D
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal 

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