Sunday, 25 March 2012

Why is Knight doing so much fishing as a free agent - yet all I have is RF...

Oh WOW...
So, just to let you know, the supposed "Knight In Shining Armour" is now 'in a relationship' again and I cannot help but feel a strong sense of Deja-vu with my previous 'boyfriend' Beaver... Everytime I'd get my hopes up that he'd leave a girlfriend and come back to me, he'd find a replacement within 3 days. 
Oh well. Fuck 'em. The lot of them.
I don't even want to be his girlfriend - honestly, I promise! I'm talking about Knight btw, not Beaver (that ship sailed a looooong time ago). I just want my witty friend back. 

ALSO, I am extremely pissed off that  forgot to put my clock forward and now have lost an hour of my life.
And on that note, I bid you adieu,

Not enough has really happened in my life to start a new post!! So, btw, this is a day later than the stuff above ^...
Right. What's new in my life...
1. My sister's boyfriend (who is lovely by the way AND NORTHERN :O ) is staying chez nous at the moment which is noice.
2. Awesome has made me think about Afro for the first time in WEEKS -.- He has lovely hair, nice face, an awesome afro and smells like heaven. Eurgh why oh why do we have nothing in common?!
3. Mrs Nerg was kind of sympathetic about the whole Knight thing - but, to be honest, we both just laughed it off! It is rather amusing when you think about it: He likes me + I don't like him --> He stops liking me as I start liking him --> I pine for ages --> I send him his plec in a weak attempt to start talking again [which my friends seem to find particularly curious..!] -> He gets a girlfriend --> I alternate between pining and 'MFTOing' --> He and his girlfriend split up --> I feel a window of opportunity --> We talk for like 3 minutes --> He goes t a party --> He has a girlfriend again (same one I think) --> BUT THE PINING HAS STOPPED [or at least paused].

Ooo ALSO RockerFella is being soo annoying. OK, I like having male friends, but since when was it OK for them to all come up with the line "Hey, I'm bored so I'm texting to say hi" - do you expect us to swoon or something?! When RockerFella did this I was just blown away by memories of Yr 8 boy-acquaintances where these conversations were the norm. They make you feel like the last resort in that person's life. Hence, RF is a douche. Which reminds me - I see RF almost everyday - I drive past him on the way to school - and have realised he is not remotely charming or attractive or nice.
I know how to pick 'em!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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