Friday, 2 March 2012's an addiction?

Oh God. Am surrounded by empty Red Bull cans everywhere.
It's 22:56 and I have been doing Physics revision (a.k.a. learning new things that my so-called teacher has "taught" ) literally for hours.
I'm tired and exhausted and emotionally drained. From revising. From a textbook.
See?! If I'm drained from revising then how could I juggle being in a relationship right now (I mean, summer is a totally different matter..!)?
The effort of having to write them a sonnet every week or whatever it is that one does to fill one's time with one's boyfriend... It would just be insane.

Then again, I really am not sure about the whole Prince thing - our relationship would be so simple and perfect! Albeit there would not be much chemistry...
OK, I've decided not to do anything because
A. He hasn't asked me out so I'm being a bit forward in planning my answer based on hearsay from my mother
B. We've not spoken over 12 sentences to each other over our friendship (OK, that sounds like I know the exact number, but I don't OK! I wasn't that obsessed with him!!) and
C. I am far too busy with exams right now to be obsessed with any guy except for Pythagoras.

Sorted. Now I must sleep or I will literally fall asleep on my keyboard...

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