Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Eternal Spinster..?!

You know that "Forever Alone" meme? Yeah, that's going to be me.
Why? I have a phobia of commitment and will only ever find someone attractive if I know they won't love me back (with the exception of Knight who I did in fact love whilst he liked me).
I'm genuinely worried. The only "boyfriend" I've really had in secondary school was Beaver, and that doesn't count!
What's brought this on, you may be wondering? My mother. She informed me that Prince told his mother that he would like to go out with me - but is too shy to ask (since he went through a really nasty break-up recently). Well, what the fuck do I do now?
If he had made this preposition in year 8 I'd be onto him ASAP, but now I just don't know...
So, in times of crisis like this, us Grammar Gals need tables of pros and cons..
1. I have my exams fast approaching and I don't want a guy to mess with my head beforehand.
2. I am a commitment phob - although, perhaps,by dating him I'd get over that?
3. He's a family friend - if we broke up it would be beyond awkward.
4. I'm still not completely over Knight - I only found out about his girlfriend yesterday, and until then I had though there may still be hope for us..!
5. Prince is moving to America in September - minus my exams and that would give us 2 months together, and he's a committed guy who wouldn't survive in a short-term relationship!

1. He was my first real love - I was infatuated, planned our children's names (!) and daydreamed about him constantly. So, the year 8 inside me is yelling at me to go out with him - I've just spent an hour and a half reading through old diary entries of mine about him...
2-7. He's perfect boyfriend material - tall, sweet, nice looking, cute smile, sarcastic, athletic... And he's a hopeless romantic, like myself.

But I'm not ready for a boyfriend yet - the Knight wounds are still too fresh, my exams are on the horizon and I'm too...anxious about having a boyfriend. Oh, how I hate myself! I am literally the most annoying person in the world - why cant I just go out with a guy like a normal person?! I blame it on my going to an all-girls school, it means I can't act normally around boys.

But I genuinely think I'll be cured by summer - when the exam stress is one less excuse for my not getting a boyfriend. I'd better be cured by then!

Keep you posted from the nunnery D:
Grammar Gal xxx


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