Saturday, 3 March 2012


OK, It's just too exciting for words.
Right. Clear head. Breathe.
I think I fancy Prince again.
True, there's always going to be a part of me that loves Knight but I don't see us ever going out since he blatantly doesn't see me that way. But, maybe I'm not in love with him anymore..?
Who am I kidding? I'm always going to love him but we won't work out - he's cool, I'm not. Simple as!

But Prince is giving me butterflies. True, it's not exactly LOVE - I mean, I don't feel like I want to talk to him constantly, nor do I pine over him with Whitney Houston.
But surely this type of love isn't good for you?
The best type of love is the one where you can feel butterflies and you take ages glamming yourself up just for a brief encounter. This is how I feel about Prince.

And now I know my answer. If he asks me out, I'll accept. He doesn't have to dominate my life, and I could double date with Yoyo. He's gorgeous and cute and makes me feel like marshmallow.

Therefore the cycle is broken! See, both Awesome and my sister have a theory that I only fancy boys when they don't fancy me, even though I know this isn't totally true. Well, now there's a boy who I fancy and there's a possibility he fancies me too [but, take note, I fancy him - but it's not as deep as what I feel/felt for X]

But I don't even think he's going to ask me out - I mean there's been all these hints, but he's not actually asked me. I've just got back from his house and he was really quiet today - he didn't talk to me once! My parents say he's apparently embarrassed but we shouldn't rule out the possibility that he
A. Never said anything about me in the first place
B. Has changed his mind and now feels awkward.

I would feel bad, though, if I went out with one boy and was still in love with another one. I know that certain people [Awesome] would judge me if that be the case, and they are totally right to. It just feels...wrong.
But my Knight has chosen another Damsel in Distress to rescue, and no matter how much my mother analyses the situation (saying he doesn't really love her) it's time to face facts: you don't go out with a person unless you fancy/love them. Simple as. So he really is besotted.

But I do really and genuinely like Prince.

He's just not Knight. True, Prince pays for the meal (just as Knight used to) and they're both dreamy-looking. But Knight was the first person that I truly fell for and I love everything about him. And I realised too late.

A tardis would be really handy, like, now.

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