Monday, 5 March 2012

The Pride and Prejudice fail

It's ridiculous. I feel like I'm from the 19th century or something - since I don't have Prince's number and we don't communicate via Facebook, the only times we see each other are when we meet up with the fam (my parents have 'co-incidentally' increased the number of these meetings) and this is where he is supposed to 'court' me, if you like.
However, it fails disastrously. He either
A. Stays in his bedroom.
B. Averts eye contact.
C. Doesn't come with his fam to see my fam - e.g. tonight they are meant to be coming round and e-v-e-r-y-b--d-y- except him is coming.

I'm feeling that I should be insulted by his reluctance to see me, and I could encourage him further. However, I don't want to lead him on and then turn him down! I think I've learnt from my mistakes there..!

So, let's just pray he comes tonight (:

ALSO, very awkward Knight situation.
Brace yourself.

I finally got the guts to message him to meet up (I do want to see him and I do want the T-shirt he bought for me from San Francisco) and the time that I sent it co-incidentally was the time he was with his girlfriend (there were pics that came up on my News Feed at the same time). Needless to say, he came online, saw my message and then didn't reply.


So, life is just Fan-firckin-tastic :')

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