Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lalala sisters are doing it for themselves....

Today we had a self-defence class, which is probably the only useful lesson I have learned at the Convent. It was amazing - I feel totally empowered and Zen and ahhh :')

I am aware that the protocol now is for me to ramble on about my so-called "Love Life" but - what is there to say??
- Knight has a girlfriend (and my mother now hates him - oh I do love her..!)
- Prince is going to America for 4 years...
- Afro and I have nothing in common (but I stand by that he is the nicest smelling boy in the history of ever)
- I never see/speak to Y, Giraffe or Duke anymore..!

So, basically, I'm going to live in a nunnery throughout my entire adolescence.
And I don't want to meet a farmer at Durham anymore - I just want to see my sister!

So, life is at a "peak" as Bromley chavs would say (if you're not in tune with the lingo I'll briefly explain - 'peak' means low-point <-- aware it doesn't make sense AT ALL)

Oh well, at least the friends and fam side of life is gut!
But I need to get down and study-udy-udy since I literally have done no work all week since I'm ill!!


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