Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Durham Road Trip

Right now I am feeling tired, nauseous and embarrassed. As you know, yesterday I went to Durham to see my sister.
Now, I cannot go into too much detail because, not going to lie, I don't remember much.
Here's what I do remember:
1. Had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend and the 'rents whereupon I drank 2 cocktails. After that I was feeling a little tipsy (remember I'm a lightweight)
2. Departed from the restaurant and walked with my sis and her boyf to her apartment.
3. Met many of her friends and played a drinking game where much Vodka was consumed. I was legless at this stage.
4. Went to a club where the queue was too long so...
5. Went to another club but they were demanding ID so...
6. Went to another club where we were let in. But let it be noted that I didn't drink anything there since I was feeling ill.
7. We danced and 2 boys tried chatting up the group of us with the chat up line "Got any raisins? How about a date..?" IKR WOW
8. Texted people random things about my love for them - only just remembered this when looking at my Sent box in my phone.
9. Got a taxi home and went to sleep.

All I have to show for my weekend is this mark on my hand of the club we went to, and a couple memories. But I felt really out of place - I missed staying at home and vegging out on Ben & Jerry's. I've learnt that I'm still a 5 year old stuck in a teenager's body.

But overall it was a great trip.
As long as you exclude the fact it took 8 and a half hours to get there...


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