Thursday, 22 March 2012

I'm ashamed...

So, out of the blue, guess who texted me: No, not Knight (but dayum I wish it had been!) - RockerFella.
Now, in hindsight I should have just not replied. But I really wanted someone to talk to. Male company is awesome. So he's been lovely and there's been the odd bit of sexual bant but nothing too serious. I will never fancy him and I think he has a girlfriend anyway. But I feel ashamed with myself: this boy is a user, a playboy,and a potential racist according to rumours. Basics, he's an arse. But I feel... special getting a text from someone. And he's really nice to me.
I really want to believe he's a genuinely nice person, but I know deep down he's just a player and once he's got what he wants from a girl (hint) he dumps her and moves on. He's notorious. But charming. But also kind of dull - aware this doesn't make sense. See, he replies as soooooon as you text him and he's...bland. He's the kinda guy who says "my day was fine" instead of going into detail...

But, hey, I found a boy who wants to be my chum. There's no harm in that.

Grammar Gal


Oooo just quick newsflash: Knight no longer has a girlfriend. The writer and romantic in me would like to believe that he now will spend more time with me and all will be swell again. The realist in me knows this is completely impossible since I shot him down and he's a free agent who no longer needs me in my life.

Oh, I miss those days I wasn't so 'realistic' D:

Keep you posted

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