Friday, 9 March 2012

Durham, oh Durham - the town of beautiful farmers...

I'm still cautious about the Prince situation - I posted on his wall and hoped he's message back on Facebook so we could get to talking. I had no such luck. Maybe, therefore, he has moved on/never fancied me in the first place/realised America is more important.
To all you Americans out there: you've gained an amazing person, who's a fabulous goalie and general "hottie". I'm obviously not all...

I have come to a point in my adolescent life where I've realised I constantly have boys on my brain.

On a completely separate note, on Friday I'm leaving to Durham to see my sister who's up north studying in uni. She has a lovely group of friends, like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and I'm meeting the gang when I go.
Then we're going to some club (it's the worst in the country - it's called 'klute') which shall be fun and I literally cannot wait!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll meet a farmer boy. You know what, I think everybody should have aims in life - goals for their lives. Mine are naturally for happiness and great friends, but I have another rather random list too:

1. Snog an alphabet of boys (so, snog an Adam, a Ben, a Charlie, a Dan... a Xavier - you get the picture!)
2. Snog at least one boy from each different continent (Europe, Asia, America...)
3. Date a farmer.
4. Date a cowboy.

Yes, these may seem trivial but I am determined to fulfil them within my university life when I'm older. But maybe I'll be able to at least meet a guy who could qualify for number 3 when I go to Durham..?!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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