Friday, 30 September 2011

What to do when your French exchage is a model

I am an idiot. I have been persuaded to be part of the French exchange which is happening in a week. Last night I saw her on facebook. She is  things that intimidate me:
1. Blonde
2. Beautiful
3. Popular
I judge people way too soon - I am aware of this!  So this resulted in me hyperventilating for approximately half an hour and daydreaming about what could happen. The most chilling of these thoughts was: what if she sees me and decides I'm not worthy of her prescence and proceeds to sent me home?!!
Well, that was before I got to know her. She started talking to me last night and she was really sweet, saying she couldn't wait to meet me etc...
I told tiny white lies about loving to party and liking mainstream music but I don't want her the think I am a freak who doesn't "rave" and spends her evenings listening to Magic FM.
Well, in the course of this conversation she invited me to TWO house parties. If you know me then you will understand this is OMG-worthy!! I'm not uncool, per se, but I'm more on the geek scale I suppose (although X says I'm not even good enough to be a geek - rude boy that he is)
Things with X are going really well - we have private jokes about needing the Jeremy Kyle Show (and I'm planning on getting him a "for my husband" card for his 16-and-a-half birthday) and he's real sweet and etc...
But even he understood the tragedy of the French Exchange being a supermodel (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating). Either way, I'm so glad that I have bought loads of new clothes to go there with!!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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