Monday, 19 September 2011

We need a break

The other night, whilst driving home from a trip woth my mates, I got a call from the Knight. He was pretty wasted and asked me to this party in Bexley. I really wanted to go actually. Then that night, he texted me drunk messages "I love you" etc etc (we all know what boys are like after a few drinks) and I said "I love you too" and told him to sober up. Then in the morning I got a text saying "Yeah, sorry about last night I was SO out of it". Thing is, I really thought I loved him in that moment, but now I'm just cringing all over. 
It's gotten to the stage where I see him post something on Facebook and cringe at the sight of his name.
ALSO, I asked him about Y and he said it's fine (as long as it's not this guy I use to know - called Giraffe, who I HATED but fancied the pants off of at the same time). Well, I came to the conclusion today that I need a break from X; they say Less is More and I feel like I've been around him too long. I think this French Exchange will be good to get away from him for a while - things are a bit intense.
I wrote a song today, which I haven't done in AGES and whilst I won't post it here, I'll just say that it's pretty deep and I'm NOT a "deep" person so this boy is having a bad influence on me!! Anyways, I have to go now and pack (!) and maybe, if I'm lucky, I shall meet a gorgeous Jean-Claude to whisk me off my feet on a moped.
Here's hoping,
Grammar Gal

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