Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cheerleading Training: Day Two

Starting to wonder if this is all worth it! I know I know! I am young, hence I should do sports otherwise all of them lovers of mine (including Mr Toblerone, Mr Kinder Egg and my all time favourites Mr Ben and Mr Jerry) shall come and give me a huge bum and I will be that woman that needs a shove through the door. OK, this is pretty good motivation. I am going to get fit. Right now. Right after I've finished this tub of Freddos (it would be rude to leave them after all).
Right, here is tonight's plan. I shall go shoe shopping with my Dad as planned (my shoes are in a DISGRACEFUL state - they have a hole the size of Mt Everest in them. And it rained today) and when I come back I'm going to to 20 sit ups, perfect the splits and go for a not-so-spontaneous jog. Ta-da! Sorted...
To be continued in 3 hrs ***************************************
DISASTER! Whilst my Dad and I were out shoe shopping there was a cheerleading display going on at the Glades and he was laughing at them - so I told him I'm going to be a cheerleader. He laughed and said it was about time I got fit (bit rude, wasn't it?!). So, when we got home he asked me to do 10 push ups. I managed 2. He laughed and made me feel like a tiny, weak little rock that's falling under a mammoth of a cliff. It wasn't good. Anyway, then he asked me to do 10 sit ups. Apparently I was doing it wrong (using my neck instead of my tummy) but, either way, it hurts and does not make you feel fit. AT ALL. Just a piece of advice to all of you out there: DO NOT DO EXERCISE VOLUNTARILY! Seriously, I feel ridiculous. I then proceeded to go for a jog. Oh the looks. I hate it when you go jogging and it isn't going very well (you're an attractive shade of beetroot and your top is clinging to you) and the dog walkers and cyclists turn and SMIRK - the cheeky buggers - at you as they walk/glide past you in their clean and respectable form. I just can't take the constant judgement!! 
Needless to say, I need help. I need help now. 
Can I get super toned in 5 days?? We shall have to see... (hint: the answer is probably no)

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