Tuesday, 13 November 2012

He's just not that into you...

...a.k.a the story of my life.
Last night I watched He's Just not that Into You and I realised that it is SO TRUE.
For instance, when I  told Bazz that Prince didn't reply she was full of excuses that he
A. Was really busy
B. Was on his way out
C. Had a man die outside his house and this took priority.

Bless her, she is only trying to make me feel better (As did some of my other friends by repeating the same excuses - minus C!)
But the simple truth is, that if a guy likes you he will chase you. If he doesn't then he'll let you chase him.
That's just the way it works.
So I shall never ever ever ever ask a guy out, unless forced to, when the result is that the boy will do-a-Knight (i.e. not reply and be a douchebag).

Then there's Tree who got with another girl 2 days after me. Everyone said that this was just because he was "drunk" but that he "actually liked me". But, again, let's face facts. If you like someone then you don't kiss someone else, no matter how drunk you are.

This leads me on to Knight (of course) who ignored me after telling me he 'loved' me. When he hadn't talked to me in ages I told myself it was because he was respecting the fact I was stressed out with my GCSEs. Then when he got a girlfriend a month after telling me he "loves" me, people were telling me that he was on the rebound, that we would still end up together. What happened? I came to grips with the fact that he was manscum and he was Not That Into Me, either.

So there it is: the lies my friends tell me to make me feel better, and the lies I tell myself to cover up the fact that all these manscum are actually Not That Into Me.

And this concludes my depressing-arse thoughts for today. Pinkie Promise not to be this blue tomorrow!
Grammar Gal xxx

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