Saturday, 10 November 2012

Growing a Pair - Part One

So I decided to grow some balls - NOT LITERALLY.
And actually, that's a rather sexist statement.
I decided to grow some tits (that's better) and ask out Prince.
Well I didn't do it in so many words...
I've sent him a message to ask him to thank his Ma for my lovely presents and I'm hoping that that will lead to us talking about the cinema.
It sounds like a long shot, but I've planned how it's going to go...

MeHey [Prince],
Can you please thank your mum for my lovely birthday presents - I'm such a numpty that I keep forgetting to thank her :')xx
Prince (what I'm assuming he'll say): Sure, she says you're welcome
Me: Thanks. How are you?
Prince: Fine, you?
Me: I'm good thanks. Have you seen the new Skyfall film?
Prince: No, not yet but it looks good
Me: All my friends have seen it but I really want to see it (I'm a die-hard James Bond fan) - are you free on Saturday?
Prince: Sure, see you there.

Then at this date we would share popcorn and everything would go as smooth as shampoo.
That's the plan anyway.
Keep you posted when it all goes tits-up,
Grammar Gal


Minor setback. He received my message and replied via phone, which I did find rather bizare.
Turns out he's at a party.
And I just used the word "numpty" and talked about his Ma.
Gawd I must look strange.
Little does he know...

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