Saturday, 3 November 2012

Oh, who's surprised?!
The boy I got with at the Halloween Party got with someone last night (as predicted by my sixth sense) but I really don't care...that much...
The girl who kissed the boy was the Old Me and I'm now back to my former sense (the New Me - it's a bit complex!) and so I don't mind.
It was a mistake (As was Shy Guy and Loverat) but now I've moved on - whoop whoop!!
So now I'm in this really nice Zen mood where the cartoon birds are braiding my hair and I'm singing lalalalalala
I'm just feeling high on life :D
And it's all because of my new plan to be more like myself again - no more of this floozy business!

Oh, I have a party to host in less that 4 hours and I still haven't decided on what we're going to do.
Oh well, that's what alcohol's for!!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

P.S. Had the weirdest dream where I lived with Knight and his girlfriend and he and she both hated me because I tried cooking a meal in a microwave and it blew up. Then she started crying and he told me to piss off. So I went out with his roommate and then Knight punched the roommate in the face for no apparent reason. Mindfuck.

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