Friday, 23 November 2012

Game On

We appear to have a slight situation.
Once again I have the teensiest crush on a Player who is rumoured to be a loverat.
There is no way that I can "get" him through being honest about how I feel because, as previously discovered, telling guys how you feel
A. Turns them off (Knight)
B. Intimidates them (Prince - although I only asked him out I was so forward that he never replied...)

Therefore the gloves are coming off.
It's been a while since I've played the field in this way - you forget about all the 'dos and donts'.
- Look your best whenever you see him
- Go out and take pictures of your outing
- Tell him when you're going out
- Flirt (this has always been tricky for me)

- Drunk text him
- Text him back straightaway
- Call him to "see how he is"
- Appear too desperate with the flirting thing/appear too eager in general.

And it is with these rules that I'm going to treat Z.
Yes, I'm afraid I'm now on the Z-waggon because it's nice to like someone even if they're out of your league.
I was going to play it casual with Z and stay fiends and see if he made a move (Actually, let's keep this as Plan B) but tonight, at a girly night in with some new school friends, I found out that he is a Player.
I say this because he plays a game.
He takes each drunken girl he's with to "go look at the park" or "go see the pond" and then kisses them.
This was brand new information for me; I didn't know he had a formula and strategy. I didn't know he got with so many girls (and I also didn't know that he's a "good" kisser - quite a contrast to Tree apparently!) So now I'm going back to my strategies, because if I don't then he shall either
1. Friend-zone me forever
2. Forget me
3. Love me and Leave me like many girls before me.

Let the games begin...


  1. Tell him you're not going to have sex with him. Always drives them crazy.

  2. Thanks for the tip, but this boy's such a knobhead that I've given up!