Thursday, 1 November 2012

Renewing the vow

OK, last night was a big mistake.
I should have stopped drinking as soon as I reached my Vodka Wall (halfway) but instead I carried on and on and on...
So I got with someone from my school who knows nothing about me - he doesn't know my favourite colour, my favourite band, my ambitions...
It's just all wrong. Knight messaged me back on Facebook (:O) with a rather patronising message that it doesn't matter about this guy because we only kissed so it's not that big a deal.
Yes, he's right.
But, I am and forever will be an old romantic. So when I kiss a guy I want it to be Breakfast-at-Tiffanys-in-the-rain spectacular.
Not what's-his-name-again?
This time I blame the Vodka, but now I've learnt my lesson to not get drunk again and get off with strangers. It's not good.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

P.S. According to the pictures on Facebook I had lipstick unattractively smudged on my forehead for most of the night. Fanfrickingtastic :')
P.P.S. I just made a very awkward situation by telling the boy whose six-pack I dissed yesterday not to forget about the t-shirt he promised to make me (I was drunk - it made sense at the time)...and he saw the message...and didn't reply.
Perhaps this would be ok if he was a normal human being but he's so intimidating that when I next see him I think I'll walk into a wall out of embarrassment...
P.P.P.S Knight hasn't replied after I replied to his patronising message (where I agreed with him that snogging isn't a big deal but I'd rather snog people that knew stuff about me) but Facebook tells me he has seen my message. I hate it when Facebook does that because now I can't tell myself that his Facebook is broken or that he tried to reply but his phone burst into flames. I have to face the harsh truth: that he saw the message and can't be arsed to reply. Harrumph. Oh well, fuck 'im (:

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