Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Slutty Alter-Ego

Just as expected.After I reached halfway through my Vodka bottle I reached my Vodka Wall and so when the boy WHO GOES TO MY SCHOOL leaned in, I let him kiss me. Repeatedly.
Look, I REGRET IT already. I want my next kiss to be magical and meaningful and with someone I truly love. And that's never going to happen if I keep snogging random people.
Argh. I'm annoyed - REALLY ANNOYED - that I broke my vow to myself that I'd been someone amazing and go out with him and then snog him.
Argh I'm doing my adolescence completely wrong - Sabrina the teenage witch and Rory from Gilmore Girls would be disappointed because they're so perfect and I'm so fucked up.
Jaysus I need to find a boyfriend because hooking up with randomers isn't good.
I blame you, Slutty Alter-Ego.
And I met lots of people tonight - I accidentally insulted a boy's 6-pack, another boy's biceps and the boy I got with had a hairy chest :O Not OK
And this concludes the drunk post
P.S. I obvs texted Knight

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