Thursday, 8 November 2012

Back on the Prince Waggon

Hola chums,
Lately some people have told me that I am too cynical about boys and that I should date some so I don't think they're all evil (well, the manscum I've liked have indeed made me lose faith in boykind). And so, I cast my mind back to the last boy that I knew that was genuinely nice and who may (possibly perhaps) have liked me. And that was Prince. So now here's my Prince Plan.
I'm hoping to ask him to the cinema (it's a long shot - I'll probably chicken out or he'll say no) and just see where things go. He's great: funny, sarcastic, cute, tall, older. Ticks all the right boxes, so I'm intrigued to see what happens...
So, yes, that's the new plan.
Oh, and Tree and his friends called me "Number Two" because I'm the second girl he got with at our school :')
Sigh. And when faced with this boyish immature behaviour I cannot help but want a stable, normal thing. And that's exactly what Prince would provide (appreciate the alliteration).
So we'll just see what happens...
Let you know when I cock it up/he flat-out rejects me,
Grammar Gal xxx

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