Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Some Kissing Home Truths

I'm a terrible person.
Over the past week I have repeatedly insulted Tree and his inability to kiss well, to some of the other girls he has kissed.
And then I talk to him at school.
Gosh that's horrible, isn't it?
I'm not trying to be mean but Tree is a good talking point for these girls and, one cannot deny, that he was pretty bad.
And then things became worse today when I laughed at him in his face because he has "wet hair" but actually...he'd just had a haircut.

I know. I cringe at my awfulness.
And to make things better I've decided to dedicate a blog-post to my cock-ups in the world of kissing so that we can accept that Tree probably isn't as bad as I am:
1. With Shy Guy I wrapped one leg around his. As in, we were dancing and I randomly put one leg around his, for no apparent reason. I am an official weirdo.
2. With Tree I licked his neck. I've already mentioned this but I still cringe with horror at the memory of it.
3. With Tree I narrated throughout the kiss. Not exactly attractve, right?

Think that is about everything, but I'm probably a bad kisser too. But, alas I'll never know because the boys I've been with (Shy Guy a.k.a. Washing Machine Kisser, Dan a.k.a. Leglessly Drunk, Tree a.k.a. Teethy and Overpowering) have also been pretty bad.
So I'll never know!

But one thing is for certain: I need to stop being mean to Tree.
And I need to cheer up - I've been down in the dumps lately for reasons unknown. Perhaps it's the realisation that Z and I are just friends and always shall be, or perhaps it's the fact that I'm starting to forget about Knight which, naturally, frightens me.

Anyways, I have a party next weekend and Bazz and I are going to be top wingwomen and it should be fun Let's just hope there are not Trees or Loverats or Shyguy equivalents there...:')
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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