Sunday, 2 August 2015

Meet the Artful Dodger

The other day I had the most mahoosive blast from the past, which came in the shape of a very tall boy with curly black hair...Yes, for those of you who remember him, it was Curly Haired Guy. I've always liked that nickname because it makes me think of a boy with a Pubic Hair-style, and that's a giggle-worthy image. I mean, would the guy brush his hair if it was so short and curly?? Do people comb their pubic hair?? Ooooo I'm not liking this train of thought (or the mental images that are accompanying it). Must not google whether people comb pubic hair. Must stay on track with my story.

OK, as I was saying. I saw CHG (whose hair does not look like pubic hair - just for the record!) t'other day at a gathering (yes, we are in year 12 again!) and we got to talking. The conversation was easy and light (partly because I was a complete drunk skunk, and would have had a very animating conversation with a lampost if I had happened to see one) and I don't remember much of it, but it was nice.

Obviously that door is well and truly closed. There isn't even a twitch of longing there anymore which is gooooooood - CHG and I will forever only be amigos (ever since he ditched me for that 8-year-old two years ago...Totes over that...That clealry didn't wound my ego. At all...)

I'm being side-tracked from my story once again. ANYWAYS. I was talking to CHG and I remember him saying "you're exactly the same as you were two years ago" (I think that's a compliment - I mean, I hate change - as my parents will testify, since I've been ranting about our new kitchen lights for a good two weeks now...) BUT THEN HE ADDED "well...your accent has changed a bit actually. You keep slipping into cockney".

So it turns out that University has tranformed me into a member of the cast of Oliver. Yes, I do drop my 't's occassionally now - because I'm a lazy daisy (and 'wa'er' is the same thing as 'water' for goodnes' sake!). But I was not aware that my new-found accent was going to affect the way that people saw me. Hmmm....I guess, some people at uni do say I sound like I'm from Eastenders.

But I don't know what's happening with my accent at the moment - it literally has a life of its own! One minute, I'm Stacey from Eastenders, then suddenly I'm posh tottie Miranda Hart, and then I sometimes sound like I'm from the West Country (think 'Alice' from The Vicar of Dibley - according to one of my best friends, which is the height of rudeness!!).

So, CHG has made me start thinking... Do people frown upon the cockney accent? In this day and age, is it compulsory to be posh?? If I was in a job interview then I would probably put on a fake accent (the aforementioned Miranda Hart one) and then start dropping my 't's when they were stuck with me (mwahahaha). But when it comes to socialising with your friends...

I don't know. I've also realised that my voice sounds a lot more...'London' when I'm nervous. It's like  the accent has special poowers that make me into a social butterfly!

So, to conclude, I'm happy with my weird accent! And CHG will just have to learn to speak the lingo :')
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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