Monday, 22 June 2015

Feeling broody

I've never particularly liked children. Actually, that's not entirely true. From a distance, kids have always seemed really cute. You see them running along with ribbons in their hair and dirt on their trousers that makes them look like they're being filmed for a Persil advert, and you think: awwwww. They're so cute! And so tiny - their fingers are so little, how do they even hold stuff???

But then you start talking to a child. And it's the most annoying thing in the world. The conversation goes around in circles and it's like you're on an Annoying Roundabout - every question they ask you gets more and more annoying!
Like: "what are you doing?" Yeah, that sounds cute enough when the kid next to you on the bus asks that.
So you reply "I'm reading a magazine"
And then they ask: "What's it about?"
So you answer: "Clothes and women and stuff"
So they ask: "Why are you reading it?"
And you say "I just like it, it's interesting"
And they persist: "But why do you like it? Why don't you want to read something else?"

And suddenly it's like you're being interrogated at a police station. Nothing you say will be good enough and, thus, you are on the Annoying Roundabout.

But lately I've been feeling that kids aren't actually that bad?! I think it's because I played Hide and Seek with my little 5 year old cousin and his friend, and it was really fun. I'm such a kid at heart. And then my cousin kept cuddling me and climbing into my lap like I was a Kangaroo and he was my little kid sitting in my pouch. It was so adorable!

And now BAM! Broodiness has begun. Rahhhhh I want a baby!!! (OK, but not in real life - please, God, don't do that thing where you now give me a child. Like Virgin Mary. Only, I'm not a Virgin. But then, was Mary really...? It's all very controversial!)

Anyways, yeah. Babies are adorable. And so cute and little and aw.
Totes adorbs!! Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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