Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Boyfriend Came For Dinner

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if your parents don't like your boyfriend, then your relationship is doomed. Sure, there are the exceptions (as any Nicholas Sparks novel will testify) but, generally speaking, if Mamma says No then that boy's gotta go!

So you can understand why I was bloody terrified about my boyfriend meeting my parents.
Firstly, because my parents are nutters. My mum asks a gazillion questions to any male guest that we have round for dinner, so by the end of the meal we know all about his dreams for the future, his childhood vacations and his favourite type of sandwich. My dad is a hilarious funny bunny and, being in a house of girls, doesn't often get to assert his masculinity. So when a man enters the house Dad's voice drops three octaves, the football is turned up and beer cans are opened. Plus, of course, there is the mandatory "Man-Shake" ('man hand-shake').

I didn't want to bring my boyf into that!! Nonetheless, I wanted them to meet him and see how he is the definition of an awesome possum. So I got myself ready (which included making the fatal mistake of shaving and then putting deodorant on...pain doesn't begin to describe it...) and we sat down for a meal.

To my great surprise, it was a wee bit perfect. My guy (he needs a nickname, I can't keep calling him "boyfriend", "boyf" and "guy"...Let's call him Mr. Melon) shook hands with my Dad and wasn't phased by the extra low tone of his voice. He answered my mum's questions so well that it was like watching my Ed on Russell Brand's Trews (yes, I am on first name terms with Ed Miliband). 

There was a slight dilemma when, after eating all of his hadddock up, Mr Melon told me in private that he hates fish. A minor dilemma!!

And then we went to our pub's quiz night and, not going to lie, I think I am a Quiz Genius (just the other day, I got 4 questions right in the University Challenge Final - just call me Alan Davies!!) but this quiz was bloody hard. So, naturally, I turned to alcohol and was a bit of a tipsy gypsy for the rest of the evening.

But all in all, it was just so fantabulous and cwoot. Hurrah for Mr Melon getting on with my parents - if only they had been so lucky in The Notebook. (Oh I do love that film... *drops everything to watch it*)

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal 

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