Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Spring Cleaning My Attitude

I have decided to start doing things that make me happy. I'm aware that this sounds like one of those goofy Instagram 'inspo' quotes that we all favourite because we secretly think they are cute. But I'm serious; henceforth, gone shall be the days of obsessing over whether my boyfriend is ignoring me (because the Blue Ticks of Whatsapp don't lie!) and I'm bidding adieu to feeling like a Primark pump in a wardrobe full of Jimmy Choos.

When you're a single pringle. you are totally self reliant. The only person that you're dependent on is Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black. True, most girls are totally self-reliant whilst in a relationship too...

And then there's me. To say I'm a sillymilly would be a ridiculous understatement. You see, the thing is, I've always denounced boys as Manwhores and Knobheads on this blog but I think that I was just  trying to keep the baes at bay! Falling in love is scary shit - it's like being given a winning lotttery ticket and being sent out into a rain-storm to claim your prize: you're so happy you've found it but you're scared shitless that you're going to lose it!

And now I have The Perfect Guy but I keep wondering why he puts up with me when I have the mood swings of a pregnant lady in an elevator...

But you just can't keep worrying about what other people think!! I've decided to Spring Clean my life - starting today! All of us are fantabulous creatures whom any guy/girl would be lucky to be with. And it doesn't matter if, when you get excited about something, your voice goes so shrill that it feels like Janice from Friends is in the room. When you find The Right Guy he'll just think you're a hoot and a half!

So with this positive new attitude towards both myself and Boykind (after 3 years of calling them all Twazzocks I've decided to give them a break!) I've decided to restart my blog - for real, this time. I know I sound like that ex boyfriend who texts you saying "babe, I've missed you. I'll change xoxo", but I'm serious! I love writing this blog and I'm not going anywhere.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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