Thursday, 17 October 2013

Turning over a new leaf

Ok, soooo much has changed since I last wrote here:
A. I found out that almost my entire school year has read my blog, including all of the male characters mentioned
B. Funny Guy and I have finally quasi-made up
C. I'm now dating Cutie - the boy who I had a crush on last year :')
D. Funny Guy and I are just friends now
E. I've decided to restart the blog but to make it less bitchy and vindictive and more happy and less personal :D

So with this new mantra I'm reloading Grammar Gal :)
As I already said, I'm dating a super-cute boy at my school and everything is going splendidly! : he is cute, he's charming, he's funny and we get along really well.
It's fabulissimo! So, technically, I'm not a 'convent gal' and my new URL is totally inappropriate but everyone knew my other one (literally, everyone!) so I'm in Blogging Exile on this hidden blog :')
Keep you posted on any new developments and I'm happy to be writing again, chums
Grammar gal xxxx

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