Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Social Hermit

I think it's been established by all who know me that I'm not a normal teen. Firstly, there's the fact that when I was at Reading Festival a part of me really missed my books. Then there's the fact that my idea of a rave is colour-coding my post-its whilst rapping along to Eminem. And now there's the fact that I'm becoming a Social Hermit who lives in Social Siberia.
It all started when I missed a party 2 weeks ago. Just one party. I was behind on my work and I decided to work through Friday night and therefore miss the drunken antics that were undoubtedly waiting for me. Then last weekend I claimed I was also "busy" and, again, I missed the opportunity to be a Drunk Skunk. Then there's my friend's gathering tonight, which I'm missing because of a "family thing", which translates into me wearing my "24 Reasons Chocolate in Better than Sex" T-shirt and doing my French homework. I'm a freak?!
It's OK, I'm thinking it too! I am voluntarily a Sober Cobra and thus missing out on teenage drunkenness. I promise that this madness shall stop soon - it's just a stressful time with Oxford prep around the corner!

But now that I'm dating Cutie I think that there is little chance that I'll remain a Social Hermit forever because he likes doing this crazy thing called 'socialising'. He is a normal teenage boy who thinks the library is a mythical place in a faraway kingdom. Things are actually going amazingly well with Cutie (aka Humbug) and our date last weekend was adorable; we went to the park and we went to a maze and the kiss was fabulissimo.
After all of the Manwhores and Knobheads I've finally found a Hottie with a Heart.
I can still sense your judgement at my social seclusion but, rest assured, I am visiting my sister in Durham next weekend so I doubt that being a Sober Cobra will be an option ;)
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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