Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Renouncing Boys

Guys, I haven't written in a while because I didn't want to jinx it but...
Brace yourselves.

I have renounced all boys. Now, I know I have done this time and time again in the past. I have renounced boys and then been like, "Oh, Z is so hot" or I have been like "Oh, I do need a boyfriend".
These days are over!
I think I just decided: Enough is enough. And now I am feeling like a Zen hen, and I've been renouncing guys for 2 weeks now. Considering I am a Grammar Gal who has Boys on the Brain, this is a major achievement.
True, there have been relapses. For instance, a couple of days ago I texted Knight (the boy I knew for 2 years, fell in love with, he ignored me for a year, started talking to me again, then ignored me again) and said I missed him as a friend.
Yes, I should have learned from this mistake but DON'T JUDGE ME PLEASE.
Thinking about Knight makes me feel like a blue moo, because there is so much I wish I had said and done before things had ended so horribly between us (with me texting him that I didn't need him and that I was like Trotsky and didn't need a best friend. Fuck.)
But this renouncement won't go on forever - I am Grammar Gal, not Nunnery Gal.
Therefore, I think I'll continue for another 2-4 weeks of this Renouncement, because it really makes you feel Zen.
Girls, if any of you are single then I urge you fabulous chicas to Renounce guys with me and feel the power.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

Therefore I need a new 18-Bucket List: things I want to do before I turn 18:
- Holiday romance
- Sober kiss
- Perhaps a relationship
- Ride on a moped. It could happen!

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