Sunday, 23 June 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes

Oh, my! Yesterday, as I'm sure you recall, I was a blue moo and was feeling defeated and upset because:
A. Funny Guy had deleted me and then readded me on Snapchat
B. Funny Guy stopped replying to my texts
C. Thinking about Knight/Curly Haired Guy/All Knobheads I Have Liked.

But then Funny Guy told me that his Snapchat deleted everyone. AND I no longer have a thing for Funny Guy because I am totally OK with us being Just Friends.
Last night I was semi-forced to host a gathering for my Posh Boy friends and a few of my girl friends (unfortunately I couldn't invite so many people because my house is too small so there were loads of people that I couldn't bring which was upsetting).
From what I remember, last night was good. I was sociable for most of it, but then I got to the point where it was difficult to talk because I felt so ill. And then Funny Guy showed up and I spent most of the evening talking to him and making sure he didn't feel awkward, which was nice but it meant that I was antisocial with everyone else!
Oh well, next time I'll try to be more of a social butterfly!
Ooooo and Funny Guy said I was gorgeous :O
OMG AND THE BEST NEWS: Part of the reason I was down yesterday was that Curly Haired Guy had deleted me on Facebook but according to CHG's best friend, it was his GIRLFRIEND who deleted me! Woo hoo! CHG doesn't hate me, the Bimbo does (and I therefore don't care!)
This is very good news because now I don't feel like a horridious person.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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