Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fair Weather Friends

Funny Guy is witty, charming and gorgeous, but he has One Massive Flaw: he is a Fair Weather Friend.
If you're from England you might know this phrase, but it basically means somebody who will only stick by you when you are jolly and happy, but wants nothing to do with you when you're upset.
I am a naturally happy person, and I'm in a good mood around 80% of the time. However, 20% of the time I do feel down over both trivial matters (i.e. boys) and serious stuff (i.e. my glandular fever or family problems etc..) and I need people who can take me as both happy and sad.
Funny Guy is only interested in me when I am happy.
And that's another thing: I'm not always happy around him. I think that if you are around someone who is always happy then you feel a bit melancholic in contrast. Funny Guy is ALWAYS happy. Literally, always. And I therefore sometimes feel sad. I can't explain it. It's like Good-Cop Bad-Cop, you can't both be Good Cop. And he is always Good Cop.
Anyways, he no longer answers my texts/Snapchats and the cheeky bugger deleted me and then re-added me on Snapchat. 
I've decided that I must be really annoying: guys ignore me all the time now! Last year I was so confident and headstrong, and I had loads of guys vying for my attention. This year I get too attached to guys and then I get really upset when they don't text me back. And then I Double Text them - if they haven't replied then I send another text on a different topic. 
Basically, I think that I look like I'm desperate.
And the strange thing is, that I'm not! I'm not desperate for a boyfriend because, in my (albeit limited) experience, every time I have really put myself out there and told a guy that I like him, he starts ignoring me and gets a young bimbo girlfriend. 
I need to stop being clingy! I'm not a naturally clingy person: I'm usually mellow and happy-go-lucky. But recently my self-esteem has plummeted lower than the US economy. I mean there's Knight. He was the love of my life and he played me along by telling me that he was "engaged to the wrong girl" and it was implied that he liked me, but when he dumped his fiancee he started ignoring me AGAIN.
Then there was Curly Haired Guy, who claimed he was "really into" me, then ditched me for a bimbo.
Then there's also Shy Guy, Tree and the Loverat who were three of the 4 guys I have kissed, and who were just using me and had no interest whatsoever in my personality.
And that is why my self-esteem has hit rock bottom, and I have become clingy to guys who still talk to me (Funny Guy).
But I need to be more aloof because it's driving ME crazy that I'm so pathetic in the Love-Sphere nowadays. From now on, chicas, I shall be Single, Assertive and Independent.
I will no longer be clingy, I will stop texting Funny Guy and I will keep being my weird and wacky self. And if guys find that annoying then they can go and fuck themselves. 

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