Sunday, 9 June 2013

Last Night's Drunken Antics

Oh dear God I feel ill. As in, waves of nausea are washing over me and the room is not quite in a fixed place. But it was totally worth it.
Last night one of the Posh Boys had a party. Asides from his house being massive and looking like Ikea, the night was fabulous because I got to see Curly Haired Guy (the ex) and make him super-jealous.
I was supposed to meet CHG's new girlfriend, Good-with-men, the 10-year old, last night but she spent her night with CHG in the bedroom (straddling him when we went in) so I didn't have the pleasure of making her acquaintance.
According to my friend, however, she was a total air head. Now, I can be accused of being many things: weird, wacky, outspoken, childish, na├»ve... But the 2 things I am not are: an air head and boring. Which is exactly how they described Good-With-Men.
Last night probably went so well because I was literally off my face. I had 6 shots before even reaching the party and I was buzzing! I may have accidentally flirted with boys at the party (I have a Slutty Alter Ego after Vodka) and the news somehow got to CHG so he took me aside and warned me against getting with his friend Cardigan Guy because of my glandular fever. I told him: "Firstly, I am no longer contagious. Secondly, it is none of your business". WOOHOO. He looked so bloody jealous, it was great!
And the girls who I previously referred to as the SLYs (Slutty Lower Years) were actually lovely, and one of them said I was the most down-to-earth girl from my school that she had ever met :O
It was a brilliant evening.
And then I cocked things up with Funny Guy. No, I didn't admit that I have a tiny crush on him. We were drunkenly texting each other and I accidentally told him that my mother thought he was gay because he was so lovely (this is true!) and he assured me that he isn't.
I mean, how embarrassing! Jeeeez. But, as I suspected, he is Not Into Me and he fancies a girl at his Saturday Job.
Oh well, c'est la vie!
Keep you posted on what happens with Cardigan Boy,
Grammar Gal xxx

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