Sunday, 9 June 2013

Indecent Exposure

According to my auntie (well, one of my family friends that we all call 'auntie'), the way a girl dresses tells the people and boys she meets something about her personality. Therefore, girls who wear very little will attract boys who want to see very little clothing on their girlfriends.
The Indecent Exposure Theory does make sense.
I prefer to dress in see-through blouses and short skirts because, like Julia Roberts says in Erin Brokavitch : "I like the way I dress, it makes me feel pretty".
But maybe I am subconsciously sending out signals to boys that I am an "easy lay" because I dress promiscuously?
Should we dress to impress? And can we be blamed for attracting manwhores if we dress like whores ourselves?
The feminist inside me must scream out at this point, as it did against my auntie when she gave me her theory: girls should wear whatever they like.
If you like your legs then show them off with a short skirt!
If you have a pretty bra on, then show it off with a see-through blouse!
Gals, the sexual revolution of the 1960's didn't happen for nothing: we are free to wear and date what we want.
But I have done my duty in sharing the Indecent Exposure Theory with you, and whether you believe it or not is your choice.

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