Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My new 18-Bucket List

I'm afraid that my fantabulissimo Renouncement of Boys shall have to be ended. I was truthfully going to follow it through, but I have realised that I only have 4 months left of being a child and then I will be 18 and an adult. I will be able to buy cigarettes and Vodka and everything will be weird and my adolescence will be over.
But I still have 4 months, so I am launching Operation: Save Adolescence.
I want to complete my 18-Bucket List this year so I shall talk about it in more detail:
- Go on a date with a boy who actually cares about me
- Find a guy who has the same music taste as me
- Go skinny dipping
- Have a PROPER holiday romance (not a drunken snog!)
- Meet new people (ESP on holiday)
- Go to the park on a date
- steal a hot guy's hoodie
- Make friends at an art gallery
- Eat a kebab
- volunteer in a shop
- Finish my short story book
- meet a cute guy at a library/bookshop/library
- try to buy alcohol even though underage
- go to Desperados, the Mexican restaurant where everyone gets served!
- meet someone called Paolo
- learn to do the Cha Cha
- learn all the lyrics to an eminem song
- Go to a festival
- Go to Notting Hill (and the festival there)
- sneak out of my house late at night
- Get abso-fucking-lutely over knight. Today I relapsed and went to the park he used to take me to. It's so pathetic how I loved him, and I had never loved anyone before Knight. But he has ducked everything up and whilst I know I came across as being needy, he is totally to blame for our friendship ending.
There are other things I wanted to do, like wear a guy's jacket and climb a tree and go to London on a
date, and visit a comic store. But I realised I had done all of this!
There is a lot, and I still want to ride on a moped,
Keep you posted xxxx

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